Garden happenings Sept '10

The weather is still cold although we have been treated to the odd day with some gorgeous sunshine. The ground hasn't warmed up yet but the plants have started a little spurt of growth, letting us know that Spring really is just around the corner! Come on already.....!
 This is what's happening in my garden at the moment...

We have been eating our first purple cauliflowers! This is the first year we have grown them and they taste just like their white cousins. They look magnificent in the garden, a splash of colour in amongst the daffodils when not much else is in bloom.....

Purple cauliflower (Diggers Seeds), tastes just like their white cousins!
We have lush, new growth on the raspberry canes. Fingers crossed for a good harvest......

I'm always keeping my eyes peeled for a supplier of yellow/golden raspberries (that isn't sold out ALL of the time!). If you know somewhere that is a reliable stockist, I would love to hear.

Garlic is growing away happily. A little shady in this spot and first time growing them in this bed, so we wait in wonder.....

Our chook dome is due to be moved on to the next bed (5), and there were still vegetables to be harvested....

Tender young perennial leeks, and my grand total carrot harvest from this bed. Oh well, better luck with the carrots next time!

The bed also needed the broccoli plants removed. The central heads were harvested several months ago but I left the plants in the ground as they are so generous at producing side shoots. My four little plants had enough florets on them to fill a bowl!

Broccoli florets and a lone purple cabbage, from bed 5
I can tell spring is nearly here because it's mating season. And for a micro-farm with 1 duck and 2 drakes, this can be quite distressing to watch. There has been some fighting going on between the drakes and the younger, newer addition has booted the old guy out and become the Alpha Male. We really need to find some extra ducks to help share in the love and relieve the pressure off our poor girl here (pictured behind, with her new man in front)....

Our duck is the whitest of whites, while the drakes have a slight yellow sheen and a curly tale feather.
 Our garden is home to some newly sawdusted pathways! So much nicer to walk on than bare ground, cleaner and softer underfoot, too. It's also much more comfy to kneel on whilst weeding.....

Homegrown chitted potatoes in the background
Our rosemary is in flower. Hopefully the bees will arrive soon.....

We have asparagus! I thought I had killed my lone crown, but no, here are the little spears emerging for another year's growing....

Asparagus spears
Things have finally sprung into action in the greenhouse. The peas are flowering and the white carrots are growing away happily. They could probably do with a thinning...

We also have a mystery plant in our garden. My daughter found it yesterday in one of the chook beds (where all of our veggie scraps end up), so it has come from the kitchen at some point. We seemed to think it had a 'nut' like seed, from perhaps an almond.... but it's just a guess. She potted it up and put it in the greenhouse to continue growing...

The mystery plant. Any ideas?


  1. Your garden is fantastic, those veggies look so good...

    Could the mystery plant be an apricot tree? We have two here in pots and they look pretty similar to this one.

    Have a great day,


  2. Gorgeous pics, Chris! I've been out in our little garden too, oohing and aahing at the things that are growing! We pulled out a perennial leek today - love how you can see at the base all the little babies getting ready to bud off! And they seem to grow soooo much faster than regular leeks, I wonder what that's about?

    Your greenhouse looks huge - do you sell your produce as well, or just share with fam and friends?

  3. Wow that purple cauliflower is magnificent - does it remain purple when you cook it? You've given me the determination not to miss the winter plantings next year so I can grow broccoli and cauliflower. Do you grow special sprouting broccoli or are the off shoots from a standard broccoli plant ( I really like the long stems some of the broccoli types have)? Your lovely fresh sawdust paths look so soft - I love the look of the veggie garden after we've topped up the wood chip pathways - so neat and fresh :)

  4. This time of year is just gorgeous in the garden- yours looks divine! Where did you get your sawdust from?

  5. I love looking at the photos of your garden. Virtual gardening for me?! :)
    That purple cauliflower is absolutely gorgeous. I must buy seeds from Diggers again...and get organised to get seedlings growing...and garden beds doing lovely things...
    Did you get the perennial leeks from Diggers as well? I would love to plant some...but I guess it might be too late in the year now?

  6. Thanks, Tania. Hmmm, it's quite possible it could be an apricot. We DO eat them and they DO end up in the compost! Time will tell :)

    It's a wonderful feeling when you harvest your own fresh produce, Celia. You are SO kind, no we do not sell our produce, nor do we grow enough to even think of selling! ('micro-farm' was tongue in cheek) :O)

    Hi Sarah, yes the cauli stays purple when cooked - although I haven't tried it baked in a bechamel sauce yet...somehow can't bring myself too! These broccoli shoots are from a standard broccoli plant (summer green I think..), the sprouting broccoli has longer stems on the shoots - very attractive!

    Green Mama, welcome! We purchased our sawdust from a local sawmill. They stack huge bags out the front for $5 each but if this isn't enough, apparently they also sell it by the trailor load. :)

    Thanks, dixiebelle! :)

    Seeds growing is such a wonderful stage, isn't it, spice! Nah, perennial leeks were not from Diggers but from a local plant sale ages ago that multiplied like crazy!! They are pretty hardy so could probably cope with being planted anytime (I do), they are very good over summer too..not requiring too much water to keep them going.

    Thanks, fay! :)


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