"....and they're off!"

...my seeds that were sown a week ago. To let you in on a little secret, they came up really fast, like 2-3 days fast!! This is the fastest they have ever germinated for me and I've been trying to come up with a reason why. Everything I did was exactly the same as last year, sown in the same containers, used the same growing medium, placed them in a warm spot (on the heated floor - very toasty!) ...but what else could it be?? I'm putting it down to the moon, because I just can't think of any other variable factors. Moon cycles have a big role in plant growing, right?

So, what would my excitement be without some pictures? Here we go....

Buttercup pumpkin from saved seed

Cucumber.... not from saved seed!

After the seeds germinate, I gently prick them out using a bamboo skewer and plant them into recycled seedling punnets filled with potting mix. This keeps them going for a couple more weeks until some true leaves have developed and they are growing well. They can then be either planted out in the garden, or potted on in homemade compost to continue growing until a space becomes available (kind of like sitting at the bar while waiting for a table at a restaurant, eh?).

'Big Lone' tomatoes, from saved seed, pricked out into punnets to continue growing...
I was also really happy to see that one of the first tomato varieties to emerge was from the saved seed of the Big Lone Tomato,  grown at my girls' school veggie garden. How exciting! I hope they grow well for us, and if there are some spare plants, I'll take some back to the school to grow again this year. Fingers crossed! Are you sowing anything in your garden?


  1. It's so exciting isn't it, Christine? My blog post yesterday was about the same thing...all my squashes, cucumbers and tomatoes are up. My basil said hello today too.

  2. Hi Christine, I've just started growing from seed this year and I'm finding it very exciting too. I planted some silverbeet seeds that seemed to take ages to emerge and then last week I had a couple of others pop up in days too. Weird. Thanks for sharing what you do. I was wondering how I was going to prick them out into punnets - I'll try your bamboo skewer idea.

  3. That's super fast, and just a little bit exciting.
    "Every little seedling has a fairy bent over it, whispering "grow, grow..."
    Trying to grow a blueberry bush at the suggestion of a reader. Its in a pot and still not looking very happy, but my fingers are crossed.

  4. It IS exciting, Wendy! Ahh, basil, yes another one to sow - must do that, thanks for the reminder! :)

    Hi veggiegobbler, our silverbeet seeds haven't come up yet either - although they were kept outside in the greenhouse, not inside the warm house. It's strange how they take their own time and come up at different stages! Have fun with your seeds - remember when pricking out to try and hold the leaves, not the stems, as this is more gentle with less damage likely to occur. :)

    Haha, a fairy indeed, Brydie! A blueberry bush, hmm? Don't worry, ours aren't looking that happy at the moment either - if it has buds on it, it will spring into life soon! Good luck with it - they like acid soil, so camellia potting mix, or some pine needles as a mulch ;)

  5. Oh that's so exciting, Chris! Our seedlings seem to be taking aaaages!!! (Ok, I'm not particularly patient.. :))

  6. Ooooh. How lovely! I, too have been busy sowing seeds of coriander, basil, nasturtiums and heaps more. Mine are not as quick as yours though! I love this time of year!:-)


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