Not your average Potato and Leek soup...

I don't post many soup recipes here, as I think they are just so straightforward to make, that calling them a 'recipe' is going a bit overboard. Basically, I sweat onions and  garlic, add vegies (pumpkin, cauliflower, sweet potato etc), stock, seasonings and simmer until tender, then whizz. Easy!

This Potato and Leek soup started off no different, but ended up as a taste-bud explosion! The reason? A secret ingredient that no one in my family will ever guess. ...unless they hop on over here and take a look, that is.

Not your average Potato and Leek soup

6 med-lge potatoes, peeled and diced
2 large (fruit shop mama size) or 4 garden size leeks, slice in half lengthwise, rinsed and sliced
1/2 large onion, diced
1500mls whey
3 cups milk approx
1/2 cup cream
a good handful of fresh parsley, chopped
salt and pepper

Saute the onions and leeks in a tablespoon or so of butter until tender. Add potatoes and whey, increase heat and simmer until cooked. Add milk and cream, whizz with a stick blender, add salt and pepper to taste and chopped parsely. Bring back to a simmer and serve with crusty bread.

Can you spot the secret ingredient?

You got it - whey! Whey to go! I knew you would spot it.

This whey was leftover from a kitchen experiment (yes, another one!), and who ever would've thought that the addition of this to a pot of soup would make such a difference? The family lapped it up and the husband kept saying how tasty it was. It's nice to have a secret ingredient up your sleeve from time to time, especially one that is so nutritious....

If no whey is around in your home, there is no reason why you can't enjoy this soup made with stock - or poor man's stock - water. The taste just won't be as explosive.....


  1. As another person with hey loads of whey in the freezer that is a great tip! Thanks Christine! Won't tell either...

  2. Whey to go!....(oh I couldn't resist). That is a special ingredient. I would never have thought to put it in soup.
    Did you know there is a soft drink in Switzerland made from whey?

  3. Great recipe, Chris! We often have whey left over from butter making - it would add a delicious tang to soups..

  4. Thanking you, Jo! I was surprised how tasty it actually was :)

    Haha, it's hard to resist those corny puns, Brydie. I had heard of that drink - kind of freaky and I doooon't know about drinking it straight...hmmm!

    Fantastic, Celia! Do you make your own butter?

  5. Indeed, a special potato & leek soup with the added whey!! Very clever thinking!

    I must make this!

  6. I just used your idea for whey in potato soup to make some of the best brocolli ham and potato chowder I've ever made. What a great way to get rid of my whey left from my cheesemaking!


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