Hooked on....Hexagons

This weekend, fed up with the amount of hats that were accumulating near our front door, both knitted and crocheted, I decided to move onto something else. I figured if I was spending this amount of time producing hats, the time could be much better spent on something significant. Something exciting. Something for everyone. Something...BIG!

I always liked the idea of making a blanket, (actually I like to refer to it as a 'throw'..it could be much smaller this way, yes?!), but the trouble was that making it in one piece was much too large a project to even contemplate for me at the moment. The answer?


I originally was drawn to the idea of using squares, but didn't particularly like any of the patterns that I came across. It was on my browsings through ravelry  that I came across the charming crocheted geometric shape. Of course! Simple yet unique.

Plus I had a substantial amount of leftover yarns from prevous projects that would be perfect to be put to use!  It won't be as bright as other 'throws' out there, but this is not putting me off. I always was one for earthy colours. Perhaps brights for the next project...

The hexagons are strangely addictive. The first one took me one hour to make. After getting into the swing of them, they are only requesting 25-30 minutes of my time for each finished shape. What I really like about them is that although they are all made in the same colour group, each shape can be a different combination, so it's always a surprise what the finished hexagon will look like. And they are quick enough to complete that several can be made in an evening, creating a sense of accomplishment before the greater project is completed.

There is a most helpful tutorial here, at Attic 24. The pictures and writing are very comprehensive and easy for a beginner (like me!) to follow. I just can't wait to make some more of them! Which is what I'm going to do right now....


  1. It's going to be marvelous. I'm a sucker for the hexagon in all its creative forms - something grand about the way it tessellates - and earthy is good. How satisfying. Can't crochet to save my life, so I'll just enjoy yours.

  2. Looking good Christine! I look forward to seeing the finished product!!!

  3. The colours are very nice and looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  4. Loving the effect of your hexagons. I made my niece a throw many moons ago, that was five sided. I started it in a similar fashion as a granny square and just kept going. I used two strands of 8 ply wool and kept changing out one colour to give a lovely variegated effect. My sister was living in a cold climate at the time and the throw was lovely and warm for on the lounge snuggling and on my nieces bed. I loved the variegated effect so much I started one for myself in a granny square pattern. It is still a work in progress. I have so many things that I have started and not finished. I need to stop starting new projects and finish some of the others. Lol.

    Hope you have a wonderful week.
    Cheers, Deb

  5. Looking Good Christine, there are a few of these attic 24 hex blankets in [progress on show at DTE in the handmade section. I sent you a PM there last week too just wondering if you had received it?

  6. Hi Gina! :o) I think that is what appeals to me with the hexagon too...they're just so uniform, but not boring at all! I am not an experienced crocheter at all, actually I only started learning a month or two ago, so if I can manage these, anyone else starting out will have no problems :o)

    Ahh, LJ and Debbie, that may be quite some time away... I have a habit of jumping head first into a project and then 'resting' it for a time while I jump into another even more exciting project and so on....:o) I promise I'll share when it's done.

    Oh, of course, Deb, two strands would make them much chunkier and faster too....good thinking! I'm like you with the unfinished projects...there just isn't enough time for all the stuff that is out there to make!

    Fantastic, Tammy! I'm off to have a look at them. I confess I haven't been over to DTE for some time, life has a habit of getting in the way! I'll check your message now. :o)

  7. I really need someone to show me how to crochet. They look good. They'll make a gorgeous blanket.
    I started knitting a blanket from little squares when I was 18, yep still going with that one...one day.

  8. Yes, you do, Brydie, you'll be a natural :o)

    Oh, no! Not the projects started in the te..te..teen years?!! I had a couple of those and a few years ago got so fed up with looking at them whenever we moved house, I packed the whole lot up and sent them off to the Salvos. It's all good..I've picked up other peoples unfinished projects from the salvo's and had a ball with them! What goes around comes around :o) But I do like your mantra..."One day, one day..."

  9. It's going to look great! I love those earthy colours too...can't wait to see the finished product :-)


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