Winter tomatoes and their inevitable fate PLUS bizarre garden anomalies

It was bound to happen, I knew it was too good to be true. What can I say? I'm an optimist at heart. It didn't surprise me at all, those winter tomatoes withering under the recent bitterly cold weather (not to mention a couple of admirable frosts). It was really too much to hope for, the very thought of growing a tomato plant right through winter here in our cool, southern climate - really!

It was a slow demise. They hung on as long as they could......

....although come winter, they met their inevitable fate. Slow Death of a Winter Tomato.

Fear not though, fellow vegetable growers and tomato admirers alike! All is not lost! The hardy battlers did manage to produce some small fruit before they succumbed to the cold...

...which have had the seeds scooped out to be saved for summer plantings! Always the optimist! And much more sensible to grow them in their preferred season. Mother Nature will prevail.

And now to some strange occurrences elsewhere in the vegetable garden. As you may know, I have a series of garden beds that the chooks travel over in between plantings, to cultivate and fertilize the soil. All of our vegetable scraps are added to the beds, and they are composted down by the worms, resulting in a rich, nutritious planting medium for the new vegetables. It was on my travels one day, when I came across this young chap:

A celery stump, left to compost has started to re-form itself. How strange! The carrot alongside it also has the same idea, although after reading up on this, they do not produce another edible root...just a lovely, lush green plant top. I am most intrigued with the celery though as it looks to be forming small stalks...

And below, what look like volunteer cabbage popping up, are in fact.... growth on an old, discarded stump from the previous harvest! Again, how strange! Will they do anything worthwhile? I have no idea!

Below is the same type of cabbage formation, although slightly larger (and a little bug eaten). It seems like it wants to form three heads!

Very strange.....


  1. Hi Christine, With the last photo, they say two heads are better then one. So, maybe your cabbage thinks three will help keep it out of trouble. Lol!

    You have some freaky happenin's in your garden and it's not even Halloween yet.

    Have a great weekend!
    Cheers, Deb

  2. Mutant cabbages *insert suitable X Files type music* Please come stop by Butterflies and Breezes,
    I love your blog and think it worthy of sharing this award with.

  3. Your celery reminds me of a celery I once found in the bottom of the fridge that was busy growing new central stalks...

    reproduction by budding, when the opportunity for sexual reproduction is not available is an option open to many plants I think, so in the extreme conditions of the compost heap or the fridge different mechanisms kick into play... (that sounded like I know what I'm talking about, but I don't really :)

  4. Ooh, I know, nowhere NEAR Halloween, Deb! (although..funny observation: I noticed it was a full moon tonight, ha!) :o)

    Thanks so much, Wendy! :o)

    That's really interesting, Joanna! (and you sounded very knowledgable ;o)). If you could see the bottom of my fridge at times - it's amazing that more of this 'budding' isn't going on!!


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