Our property stood in the path of some wild weather earlier this week. Strong gusts of wind and driving rain hammered down, while branches and sticks pelted our roof with their noise.

Gum trees are renowned for being unstable, often dropping branches for no apparent reason.

Sometimes they even keel right over! Like this one:

The husband and I were hugely surprised that it was this tree that decided to fall and not the one that leans precariously close to the living room area of our house.

There was a huge crack and then a thump. That was it. At first we thought it was just some big branches in the driveway that had fallen, but on closer torchight inspection, actually discovered it was a whole tree. It's trunk only centimeters away from the road.

The fence was previously in need of repairs....

but this just takes the cake!

The tree had blocked our access into and out of the driveway.

The next morning, after the husband called the council offices, I couldn't have been more surprised when within the hour two men had arrived to clear an access path for our driveway.

Two hours later, a team of four fast paced men in fluorescent vests arrived with chainsaws, an enormous mulching machine and a cherry picker (to also fell the dead tree next to this one), and cleared the whole mess up and left us with a nice supply of firewood to burn next winter!

All up they took less than 2 hours to complete the job. I was very impressed! And it was nice to actually see our property rates dollars in action.

The tree stump will be removed later this week. I still can't believe that it wasn't the tree closer to our house!


  1. Thank god it didn't kill any chickens!!!

  2. Wow...that is scary. You are very lucky it wasn't close to your house. I am impressed with your council. Our family have a holiday home about 30 mins from Mansfield...and its in the middle of the bush. We've had a few close calls with gum trees there.

    Lucky you with the fire wood though!!

  3. Nothing like free firewood!

  4. I'm relieved that no-one was hurt! Nice to have the firewood though, and you're right, it's lovely when a government service actually works well! :)

  5. No, frogdancer, no chickens..thankfully all locked up for the night.

    Really scary, LJ! I guess it's just part and parcel of having a place in the bush...*sigh*.

    Absolutely, Wendy!

    I'm relieved too, Celia! SO relieved. I keep thinking..what if it had happened in daylight..what if we had kids over to play..etc. Ugh! I never thought I'd be scared of trees.
    The council was great..a total surprise! And the stump got taken away today so now it looks like there was never a tree there at all!

  6. Ah, well. Sad news for that tree, but some things just had to be done, since it looked like a hazard. A hazard isn't good for anyone - or anything.

    Billy @ MPDT


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