A loaf of bread, a hat and 7 little things....

Earlier in the week, I had a handsome amount of whey that needed to be used up (leftover from the cream cheese in the baked cheesecake).

I decided to put it to use in a simple loaf of bread..or as it turned out, three, to be used for sandwiches, after my last woodfired oven session resulted in bread only fit for toast! Much toast!!

Three Loaf Whey & Grain Bread
1kg bread flour
600g wholemeal flour
100g rye flour
100g mixed grains
5 tsp instant yeast
3 tsp salt
4 tsp sugar
2/3 cup milk powder
1260ml (approx) whey

The dough was made in the usual way, hand kneaded and baked in three bread pans at 220c. The quantities yielded 3 x 1kg loaves. Baking inside (compared to the woodfired oven), is so much easier when it comes to control..the switch is turned on and the oven stays at that temperature...what a luxury!! AND there is a window to peer through, I never thought this would be SO appreciated! It is vastly different from trying to suss out the complexities of our big mama brick oven outside.

The crochet hook also saw a little bit of action this week...another hat crocheted in the same pattern as this one. Daughter #2 requested the hat and was pleased that it matched her slippers. Being 2 years older than daughter #3, it just fits..I would think that this hat wouldn't go much further than an 8 or (small) 9 year olds head. It was surprisingly quick to make up..one evening in front of the tv. Then the flower made and attached the next day. It's a pity her school only allows navy beanies to be worn...she hasn't had a chance to wear it anywhere yet...

Crochet hat for daughter #2
There have also been some awards floating around lately. Wendy at Urban Homestead South Africa was kind enough to pass on the Blog of Substance award, and Maree Rose and cityhippyfarmgirl passed along the Sunshine award. Thanks girls. So. I guess you might be interested in 7 little (possibly fascinating, even!) facts about me.....

My hubby and I married when I was 20, and our 3 daughters had all arrived by the time I was 26. (can you figure out how old I am? Ha!).

I love, love love white chocolate and anything containing it.

My hands look really old...even when I was a kid they were like this. Other kids used to call me "granny hands"

I can watch MASH re-runs till others are sick of the sight and sound of them...not me! (Trapper is my hero).

I sometimes (most times) become incredibly shy around new people. With good friends, I can be quite boisterous.

Last year, the hubby brought home an old piano from the local flea market/auction and having always wanted to know how to play, I started taking myself off to piano lessons! I'm between teachers right now as my teacher moved away *sob*, but I thoroughly enjoy playing (trying to, anyway!), and find it a great outlet for when I'm feeling stressed.

I still have NO idea what I want to be when I grow up :o)

And I'll sum up (maybe not in 10 words) the reasons why I blog;

It allows me a space where I can store my gardening thoughts, ideas, photos, recipes and projects. It keeps me focused on leading a slower life and also keeps me motivated in different areas of my life. It's a place where I like to gather my thoughts and think. The people that it connects me to and their blogs are a bonus along with friendships formed along the way. That's why!

Call me cheeky, but I'm not passing the awards along...just because that's me. (and perhaps the people who I would pass it on to have received them already). It was fun playing along though.


  1. They are lovely 7 extra things to know about you :-) I'm with you on your reason for blogging...actually and the shy bit too.

  2. Christine, you legend. I just found all this whey in the freezer I forgot I had and was wondering what the heck I was going to do with it all - and now I know! Awesome, thank you. Oh and no fair! Not only are you better at everything than I am, but you're younger too :-P

  3. l also enjoyed the extra 7 things about you. My hubby loves Mash also and can watch it until the cows come home, not me, l love "Little House on the Prairie". Tell me does the whey make the bread softer? l usually feed it to the chooks and dogs they love it.

  4. Thanks, Brydie, I meant to say, I really enjoyed reading your 7 thigs too. I'm fascinated with the iced vo-vo..it sounds like something similar I used to do with crunchie bars..suck the insides out until they were all dissolved...and all that was left was a hollow chocolate log...ugh! :o)

    Lol, Julie, happy baking! It's nearly time for the b'day rounds again...so I may not be quite as young as you think!

    Ooh, I do like LHOTP too, Julie! I'm not sure the whey makes the bread any softer...I haven't noticed any difference when using it. I like the fact that all of it's nutritional goodness is not going to waste. It's meant to be great for the chooks, I'm sure they've been appreciating it :o)

  5. I gave you a blog award. Stop by at www.blessewefarm.blogspot.com!

  6. Gorgeous looking bread! And I too can watch MASH forever - and Northern Exposure!

  7. Hi Christine - just catching up with some of your posts. Your bread looks absolutely delicious, and you are doing so well with your crochet! Great work! I also loved reading the 7 little things...I've never noticed your granny hands ;-)

  8. Yes, Northern Exposure, Celia! Fleischman!! A great fan here, too.

    Oh Kate, you are too kind :o)


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