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Lately, it seems every other post is cooking related, for which I'm putting down to the wintery weather, as who who want to be outside, battling the sloshpit of a backyard and bitterly cold wind when one can be inside, pottering happily away in a warm, cosy kitchen? Celia, over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial posts the most lovely pictures of her kitchen and what's she's been up to in it each month. After reading her post, I just couldn't resist joining in a little as it looked like such fun. I have to warn you though, my pics are not half as delicious as hop on over and take a look if you get the chance.

In my kitchen ....

....are two jars of cold pressed, crystallized iron bark honey from my mum. She picked up a bulk supply from the local farmer's market and we went halves...oops, that reminds me.. I still owe her some $!

In my kitchen....are some seeds that I have saved from a very tasty Queensland Blue pumpkin that was grown in our garden this year. They have air dried, and I will fold them up, paper towel and all, and save them for growing this summer.

In my kitchen... are some homemade bagels with homemade cream cheese. Bagels are one of my baking indulgances that I feel are worth the effort... I just love them and so does the rest of the family...which means all of my hard work is not wasted...

In my kitchen...are some thawing blackberries from summer foragings. I am planning to make some cooked coulis with them to go with a cream cheese experiment....

...and had great fun running the cooked berries through the food mill.....

In my kitchen.... the daughter's grass head still manages to survive (and thrive?), despite the constant neglect that gets thrown it's way......

...and lastly, in my kitchen.... the last of the homegrown garlic and some dried fettucine the girls had made with leftover dough from a ravioli session. The next lot of garlic can't grow quick enough as it is so hard to find Australian garlic at the moment and all of the imported stuff has been sprayed with nasty chemicals. Much better to grow your own, if you have the space, as then you know it's safe to eat (and much tastier, too!).

So, that's a little peak at what's been happening in my kitchen this month.


  1. Christine, your kitchen looks glorious! Most impressed with the creamed honey - I haven't seen that in ages. And we have 40 garlic plants in tubs this year - not easy in our Sydney clime - but fingers crossed it will be cold enough to get some decent bulbs and that the tubs will stop them from getting too wet! Please tell - how do we know when to pull them out of the ground? And how long do you dry them for? Thanks...and thanks for joining in the fun! :)

  2. mmm mmm! Everything looks lovely! :)

  3. *sigh* big one at that... garlic. It drives me crazy. I love cooking with it, I love eating it, I love buying Australian and it never seems to happen. Mexican, Chinese, Argentinian thats our choices. I did think for awhile about starting an organic garlic farm, I still think it would be a goer. I also tried growing garlic in pots, not enough sun though.... Enjoy your lovely garlic!
    MMMmm to the honey as well.

  4. Celia, the honey is divine!! I confess, I eat it with a spoon when no one's around! Re. the garlic, once the leaves are starting to turn yellow and wither but there are still a few green leaves left, pull them out and hang them (withold water for a couple of days before harvesting). After hanging them for 2 or 3 weeks, the skins should harden up and you should then be able to store them for about 6 months or so...although I hang mine and leave them like this in the kitchen until they get used up..which is usually around 6 months anyway, depending on their size. Best of luck! :)

    Thanks, Tina :)

    Ooh, the garlic situation gets me SO frustrated, Brydie! If you had an organic garlic farm I would buy off you :) It's great to grow your own, but the catch is, planting enough to see you through..and even then they don't make it, they sometimes like to wither away in their skins!! Most inconvenient. I don't understand why a country the size of ours has such trouble when it comes to supplying the demand.

  5. Thanks Christine! Hopefully we'll get a bumper crop.

    Brydie, we buy our Oz garlic in bulk when it's in season, break it into cloves and freeze it. That way it keeps us going all year. It works a treat, except for the times when you need crisp raw garlic.

  6. Oh you lucky thing! All that home produce! Maybe when I retire! Many thanks for all the wonderful posts.

  7. It all looks sooo good, but the berries in particular are calling to me!!

  8. anncullamus, it hadn't occurred to me that it was all home produce until you said, and I went back to check! Nice of you to pop by, and you're welcome :)

    dixiebelle, we still have several kilos of blackberries in the freezer from summer pickings (it was a great year for them)..but unfortunately we will need to find a new picking spot next year as the council have poisioned the ones growing along our roadside. :(

  9. I've enjoyed having a peek into whats happening in your kitchen. The honey looks deep and luscious and I'm so interested in the homemade cream cheese. Off to check the link.

  10. I'm so pleased you enjoyed the kitchen peek, mangocheeks! The cream cheese is super easy to make and so tasty too :o) The honey is dissapearing at a rapid rate.


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