"Come scrounge with me"

"Let's scrounge, let's scrounge all day..."

My tip shopping list had started to grow and as this was the only day this week with no plans, I took the opportunity to hook up the trailor and go for a drive. If you have never been to a tip, do go! Most tips have a 'recycling centre' that offers items which are looking for a second life. More often than not, I come away with something useful...often something I didn't even know I was looking for! I usually just happen to stumble across such things and put them to use outside in the veggie garden or on a current project. The following are a few pics of my excursion today....

If the kids are needing a spare bike or two, there's no need to pay extra $ at a big department store, a quick trip to the local tip shop will usually see you on your way with one for peanuts. Yes, it may need a tyre pump up, or a seat adjustment, but both are easy jobs that take no time at all...

In case you were wondering "Just where do all the prams end up?" ....well, look no further, here they are! I once had quite a collection of prams... acquired from opp shops, roadsides and cast offs, but having them all lined up here like this, well, this would've been heaven! Extra prams are great if you have a big garden..I used to have a garden pram (it didn't matter if it got dirty, the more dirt the better! Plus the basket was great for storing cuttings and tools)...as well as a car pram and then a house pram..to save carting it in and out of the car all the time. Oh, and a pram for Oma's house for when we visited. Many prams equalled this mama being happy!

Outside, you'll find anything from camping goods, bbqs, car seats, kitchen stools and tables to windows, doors, ladders and tools. And bikes. Did I mention bikes?

There is even an "inside" shop, where one can find homewares, computers, dvds/cds, and books. I found the most useful mushrooming basket here not too long ago...

The shop also stocks some (often perfectly usable) electrical goods.

Outside and up the hill a little way are where the serious scroungers go, the ones who know exactly what they are looking for....

You'll find 'tradies' and handymen & women here. And the odd sticky beak in their good clothes having a nosy around.

The sheet metal is a sight to behold...laid out and 'filed' according to size and profile...

..and the timber has it's own storage stand, where one can find decking timber, fence posts, pickets and so on. Looking down further are showers, bathtubs, sinks and plumbing fittings.

But after looking through ALL of this selection of other peoples garbage...I'll bet you're just itching to know what I brought home? Yes, yes?

Well, let's see... a modest pile of timber and framework to create some rudimentary animal housing! (wc not included, ha!)


  1. glwhat an amazing tip you have ... l guess that saying 'one man's trash is another man's(woman's) treasure' is true ... you are a lucky girl our local tip is not like this at all, we have to wait until they have roadside collections.

  2. We have a tip shop near us and they have a lot of goodies too.

  3. What an amazing place for finds. Its great that there are so many bargains to be had, but it also drives me a bit crazy that so many things have just been 'chucked' by people.
    Our council clean up days are ridiculous, so much stuff that could so easily have gone to Vinnies or some such and instead sits on the side of the road ready to be garbaged. Our courtyard is full of toys/bikes/swimming pool, for my boys and the next door neighbour kids, and everything was found on the side of the road. Bargain for us, but still drives me a little crazy.

  4. Over here in Sydney, we have a great industrial reuse centre called Reverse Garbage. I used to haunt that place, and actually worked there part-time years ago. Pete made me quit - he said he couldn't afford to make our house any bigger, and I was always coming home with so much stuff!

    My best find was a 13kg sack of teddybear stuffing for $1/kg. I opened the boot of the car when I got home, and Pete said, "&#$#! She's bought a bale of wool!" :)

  5. Our tip is nothing like this. I wish it was, can you send a link to my local Council please! I once saw a doc on a French town where on a certain night of the month, you could put stuff outside your home on the street and then everyone would just cruise around and take what they wanted. Of course, if it hadn't gone by the next day you had to deal with it. I thought it was a fantastic idea though....

  6. That saying is so true, Julie! I do love a good roadside collection day!

    Isn't it great, LJ, there's always something to find, I find the pricing system a little confusing though..usually it's just 'place it all in a pile and ask how much it it', there are no specifics, which I really would like. :o)

    It IS frustrating, Brydie, but at least there are people like us out there that are happy to give this stuff a second life. It is mind boggling what people throw out!! I've found unopened packages of polypipe water hose at the tip, along with unopened bamboo stakes and perfectly good garden seat settings!! CRAZY!

    Oooh, I like the sound of Reverse Garbage, Celia. I could imagine myself being very happy in a place like that! Poor Pete, getting such a fright! I have to say, the hubby has developed a certain 'look' when he hears I've been tip-shopping, and a groan to match.

    I love that idea, Joanna! It sounds a little like our roadside collections, where everyone puts their 'rubbish' out on the curb and the council eventually comes around and removes it, taking it to landfill. In the meantime, however, people with a keen eye for useful items prowl the streets - day or night - taking what they wish, and often leaving the streets much clearer than what they were! My hubby worked in a suburban house not that long ago, and within half an hour of placing broken old computers on the curb, they were gone, along with a host of other stuff! :o)

  7. I had no idea places like this existed! It is truly fantastic. Where is it?

  8. It is wonderful, Kate. You'll find this one on the outskirts of Sunbury :o)


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