All socked up!

I set aside some time this weeked to finish knitting a pair of socks that had been started a week or two ago. Once I'm sitting down, the knitting is fairly quick, it's just a matter of actually making the time to do it!

They were knitted on circular needles (my first attempt), which you can read about here. I enjoyed knitting this way, and to be honest could not imagine knitting socks on a set of four double pointed needles..I am not at all that co-ordinated!

As mentioned in the circular needle post, I doubted I would have enough variegated yarn to complete both socks, so felt the need to pad them out on the foot section with some leftover wool from previous projects. Below is a close up of the toe section...

...and below is a look at the heel section. I managed to fumble my way through the instructions for the heel shaping and they fit my foot, which makes me happy!

The first sock I knitted, I didn't measure against my foot..just followed the instructions (how silly is that?!), and as a result it is a little on the short side. For the second sock, I added a couple of cm to the length of the foot and it fits (my size 8 1/2 foot) much better.

And being 100% wool, they're really cosy!!

For more info and pattern details, please see my ravelry page. (You'll need to create an account if you don't already have one, this is free and gives you access to thousands of online knitting/crochet patterns).


  1. nice work. I would like to attempt socks...but don't think I am ready for that yet.

  2. They look very cozy! Is that a photo of you on the ravelry link? :)

  3. well done! They look funky and warm. If only I could knit something other than straight up and down, there is a limit to how many scarves I need.
    You need some alpaca wool to knit now :-)

  4. Wonderful socks! I don't think I'd manage did a great job! ♥

  5. You go girl... they look so warm and toasty!!! Must finish my socks and isn't raverly fantastic, l found that site last year and l love it!!!

  6. LJ, the socks were pretty straightforward. Once you are familiar with knitting in the round,it seems to flow on from there. Maybe try a few hats in the round first, to get you started...

    Ah, yes, Celia, that is me, lol! :)

    Oh, I hear you with the scarves, Brydie. At one point that's all I would knit and they were literally clogging up our front door area and were littered throughout the house! Much better to move onto other projects..and alpaca wool sounds absolutely gorgeous :)

    Thanks Tina, like I said to LJ, they were pretty straightforward once started, with lots of straight knitting and simple shaping. :)

    Julie, I am discovering knitted socks are SO warm (am wearing them now). I used to knock off hubby's socks for extra warmth, but he can have them back now, lol! I do fear logging into raverly, for the amount of time that I'll sit on it, browsing is an amazing resource!! :)

  7. Hello Christine,
    Nice blog. I came here via DTE forum. Great socks.
    I am wondering how you find these 8ply DK pure wool socks wear.

  8. Hi Ann, welcome! The socks are my favourite pair to wear now - I have been wearing them with a thin pair of cotton socks underneath, and these ones on top (it's cold here!). They fit snug and I can still get my shoes on without any trouble. I really liked how quick they were to knit up too, compared with tackling a pair of socks with a thinner yarn. :)


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