Useful Tools for Warming Winter Lunchboxes

With winter making it's presence known, our girls have been asking for soup in their lunchboxes lately. Willing to indulge this request I set about finding a suitable vessel to contain the warming, liquid goodness.

After a failed attempt with a plastic, tiffin style food carrier that could neither be opened (by my daughters or their teacher!), and which also left the food stone cold...not even the slightest bit lukewarm, I have found the perfect carrier. A Thermos brand stainless steel, vacuum insulated food transporter.

It keeps soup SO hot that little mouths have to blow on it to cool it down! It doesn't leak! It can be opened easily by small hands, AND it is easily cleaned, accommodating my adult sized hand.

Daughter #3 has been using hers for a couple of weeks, enjoying all manner of hot delights. The other two daughters, opting for a skinnier version were somewhat limited in their pretty much soup. Daughter #1 had the bright idea of taking a sausage roll one day, but indeed could not get the tasty morsel out of the narrow necked opening on her vessel. She went without lunch that day.

Seeing how much they embraced the whole Lunchbox Thermos Revolution, I decided to put the two older girls out of their misery today and get them each a wide mouth thermos. ($23au).
The opening is large enough for any number of foods to enter and exit and the cup on top doubles up as a bowl. The capacity of the thermos is 750ml.

I'm excited! The food options are plentiful, and I'm thinking we can include but are not limited to:
-sausage or vegetable rolls
-soups (a whole other chapter here!)
-warm milo or hot chocolate
-pasta (penne, macaroni, etc with sauces) and ravioli, which brings me to my next purchase.

A ravioli pressing device ($27au on sale, reg $39au).

This will make homemade ravioli SO much more time efficient! This little baby whips out 36 small squares in one hit, and is the same width as a sheet of pasta that is rolled out of a pasta machine. Of course, other shapes were available, but the squares are just so traditional, right?

I'm really looking forward to coming up with new ideas for their school lunches with our new carriers. And so are my girls! If you have an idea for something not listed, I would love to hear, it could be our next favourite thermos lunch!


  1. OMGoodness Christine I am excited by this! Now just to clarify and make sure I'm not misunderstanding are you saying the girls can take sausage rolls in their thermos and they are still hot at lunchtime??

  2. What about fried rice, stirfry or veggie bake.

    Where did you get them from Christine? I've seen them somewhere before but just can't remember where.

    Love your ravioli press!

  3. Hi Tammy, there hasn't been a sausage roll 'thermos-ised' since the unsuccessful attempt by daughter#1 (although she did extract it that day when she got home and apparently it was still warm!).

    They have been taking tortellini pasta lately and have said that it is still warm/hot at lunchtime. The key to keeping it hot is to fill the thermos with boiling water from the kettle, let it sit for 5 mins or so while you nuke (excuse me - the crap out of) your food then tip the water out and add the food. This has been working well for us.
    Soups of course don't need this, staying hot just the way they are, provided they're boiling when they go in. ;o) A trial at home is always a good idea too, if you are concerned...

    Lisa, the thermos' came from Big W. The ravioli press came from a local kitchenware shop. Of course! Fried rice and veggie bake..great suggestions, thankyou! :o)

  4. I love your ravioli press! I will have to look out for one of them. The boys love ravioli, but usually I couldn't be buggered making it- and bought stuff tastes hideous.
    The thermos is a great idea too. I was given a stainless steel tiffin carrier and still haven't tried it out to see how it holds.

  5. I used to take my wide mouthed thermos to work when I worked full-time. Hot soup or leftovers on a cold day was great. The ravioli maker is a great invention will have to find one of those

  6. I also recently read about a lady who packs burritos into a wide mouthed thermos. As you say, heat the thermos first by filling it with boiling water and let sit for 5 minutes.
    Then she puts 2 burritos warmed and wrapped in foil into the thermos. Then come lunch time all they have to do is fish out the foil wrapped burritos which are still warm, and enjoy!

  7. Oooh oooh oooh, I want that ravioli mould! I didn't know such a thing existed, but now that I do, it is on my pocket money list LOL.

    Also, by co-incidence I recently bought the same thermos on sale and have been sending it to work with hubby as I wasn't sure yet if it would leak and if the kids could undo it - but now I know it's a go-er, so thank you! Aldi also had some for $7 and I bought one to compare them, but haven't tried it yet. I suspect it will be hubby's now. Sorry to DD#1 but I had to laugh at the thought of the poor girl trying to get her sausage roll out in vain at lunchtime - how cruel life can be LOL.

  8. CHFG, I'm with you on the bought stuffs. It's what prompted me to want to make my own! I would think your tiffin being stainless steel should work ok. The ones I was referring to were plastic and had to be microwaved first (Aladdin brand).

    Great for leftovers, Debbie.

    Fantastic, Jay! I followed your idea today except wrapped up some 'gozleme' (filled and fried turkish flatbread). Waiting to hear how it went. :o)

    Lol, Julie, you make me laugh! I didn't see the ones at Aldi. Would be interested to hear how they perform.


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