Slow Saturday...

What are rainy days at home good for?

A little bit of cooking....

Steak, Guinness and Cheese Pie from Jamie at Home. Made with a little home brew stout.....

Oh, no! It looks like we have a gusher!!

Too bad mushrooming season is over...some Slippery Jacks would've been very tasty in this pie.

Also good weather for a little bit of sewing...

A vintage style top to wear over jeans....The Husband has named it the The Carol Brady Top. I like it. The material came from the op shop and so did the pattern.....

....which was opened but had never been used! Curious, I checked out when it was made...Published in 1972!

Don't you just love the diagrams in retro orange?
Instead of sleeves, I made a simple 'facing' to finish the armholes off.

...and also good weather for finding a cosy spot with a favourite read.

Hope your Saturday has been just as good.


  1. sounds like the perfect (and highly productive) day, Sonya

  2. I love your Carol Brady top. Perfect over jeans. Going to look funky sista!

  3. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha ... LOL I remember the Brady's well. Funnily I finished a dress for DD along the same lines as your top and started Op shop sewing for myself yesterday too!

  4. Oh ...rude manners ... I love your top! It sounds like a lovely day, and yes my Saturday was quite pleasant too . : )

  5. Have to agree with the above comments. Sounds like a great Saturday! I am jealous! And yes, I too like the top! Husbands have no taste! ha ha

  6. I have to ask...what is an "op" shop?

  7. Thanks ladies, you are very kind :o). I wore the top yesterday to the park and had a lovely time basking in the (rare!) sun in it.

    Wendy, an op shop is short for "opportunity shop", which is a second-hand shop or thrift store. You'll find anything from homewares, toys, linen, clothing and books etc. there. LOTS of bargains to be had there for those willing to look/rummage.


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