Happy Winter Solstice!

Winter Solstice takes place when the Earth's axial tilt is furthest away from the sun. Even though it lasts only a moment, many cultures throughout the ages have chosen to celebrate this event which falls around the shortest day and the longest night. Occurring at the darkest time of the year (and for many, the most depressing), celebrations generally called for feasting, bright illumination, large fires, gathering with close friends, dancing and singing to combat the winter blues and reinvigorate the body and the spirit.

I'm lucky to have a good group of people to celebrate the solstices with. We meet for both the Winter and Summer Solstices, at someone's home who is prepared to brave the assault that is our group (plus significant others and children). Winter Solstice sees people bringing along hearty pots of soup & bread and warm winter puddings to share. We gather around fire and enjoy the company of those around us. The kids are off exploring, climbing trees, chasing sheep or getting up to mischief.

The celebration starts early..usually around 4:00pm-ish because it gets dark so early and wraps up around 8-9pm, as small people are getting tired (and grumpy) by this time. Some people bring drums or other instruments to play. Others love to stoke the fire. Lots of talking goes on too, along with the odd small injury on a child from a travelling sparkler or flying ember.

Tonight's weather was perfect..clear and cold, with stars easily spotted. Perfect for a Winter Solstice celebration. And for gathering with friends!

Happy Winter Solstice!

Do you celebrate the solstices? How?


  1. Christine, what an awesome idea. You are really lucky to find a whole group of friends that you can do this regularly with. I think you live the life I want! :-)

  2. It is our Summer Solstice! I find it so incredible that in Australia it is the direct opposite to us in the UK ! Genius! Have a happy celebration, and when it is our Winter Solstice it is my birthday!

  3. It was a lovely solstice night all over I think. Crisp, clear weather. We roasted one of our turkeys from last springs hatching and toasted the solstice with some fresh orange juice. It also provided some inspiration for teaching about insolation and the Earth's tilt.

  4. Yes, really lucky, cityhippy :o)

    Oh, Summer Solstice! That's hard for me to imagine at the moment, Ann. Hope your summer one was a good one.

    That sounds like a lovely evening, Tracy. We enjoyed some fresh oranges too...so yummy!


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