Chitting, knitting and a good deal of sitting...

I received a bit of a fright today when I went into the study to look for something and thought I'd check on my potatoes that I had stored in thick, paper bags... the small ones leftover from our summer harvest.

This bag below was one that was closed tightly, with no light able to get in. Eek! They're ALIVE!! I thought I would have a few more weeks up my sleeve before I needed to bother about thinking of pulling them out but it seems our little spuds here have other ideas....

I'll be honest, I've never chitted potatoes before, but judging by the ones below, that were stored in a bag which had access to sunlight, I'm guessing this is more how they are meant to look:

So...they are all basking in the light of the east-facing window in my study now..and fingers crossed they will hold on until the 1st August..which is my first potato planting day of the year. (When planting this early in our area, the grower needs to be on alert for frost warnings, and yes, go out and place a sheet over them lovingly, just as one would their own child, who would hopefully not be bedding down in the frost...).

There has also been quite a bit of knitting (and therefore sitting!) going on, too. I couldn't resist these slippers that I caught a glimpse of from Julie over at Towards Sustainability. Following her links, I found the pattern and had to improvise greatly as I changed the needle size (by 2 sizes) and the yarn thickness. I'm hoping to record the details of these on ravelry that I can remember how to make another pair for daughter #3, as her order has just been placed!

Daughter #2 was extremely pleased with her slippers, and they have been worn virtually non-stop all weekend. I had planned on her taking them to school to wear in the classroom (all the kids take their shoes off inside), but I can see she is going to need a pair for school...and for home!

And always willing to knit a hat, I came across this beret pattern in a magazine borrowed from the library. The scarf and headwarmer are knitted in leftover matching yarn, all in fisherman's rib (which was new to me, and I found I really liked!). Again, if I manage to get organised, will post the details on ravelry.

Time to think about some more needed knitting, (otherwise I may just have 50 hats to my name!)...and enveloping those around me in warmth. The eldest daughter would like a hat and I'm sure that some socks to keep small feet (and big feet!) warm will always be needed....


  1. oh no! i hate to be a downer, but those potatoes are ready to go in the ground RIGHT NOW!!! maybe i'm wrong, but i don't think they'll last a month, let alone two. is it all frozen where you are? is there any way you could plant them?
    on the upside, your slippers look perfect! i wish i could love knitting. all you knitting ladies look like you have such fun with it.

  2. Argh! Really? How frustrating. The ground isn't frozen, so I supp..ooose they could be planted but it will be an absolute pain to spend all winter 'putting them to bed' on frosty nights!

    When it comes to knitting, I guess there are knitting folk, sewing folk and weaving folk, and some that enjoy it all! I would be totally lost in front of a loom ;o)

  3. i would ask some local about your potato issue. if you have lots of cold weather to come, they might rot in the ground. or worse, take lots of work covering and uncovering and THEN rot or freeze.
    and anyway, maybe i'm wrong about the sprouts...? you're supposed to start the chitting two weeks before planting, and it seems like they move fast once they get going. but maybe there's a way to hold them in suspension....?

  4. Your knitting looks great.

    How do I find your patterns at raverly? I would love to try the beret and slippers!

    My knitting is still slow and my time limited but I am still keen to try!

  5. CJ, suspension sounds good, I'm all for suspension! I will ask the clever gardeners in my area..

    Wendy, I have just placed a link to my ravelry activites in the sidebar. If you are signed in to ravelry, it should take you right there. :o)

  6. Hi Christine,

    My Daughter #1 came home from school today and excitedly told me all about your Daughter #2's fantastic slippers! She wants me to make her some now, so thanks for that!! ;-)

  7. Well, now, Kate, you'd better get cracking, hadn't you! ;o)


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