Apron Fever?

Still on my weekend sewing bug, I got to work yesterday on some sheets that I had picked up at the op shop last week. They had hardly been used..the fabric was still starch-ily crisp! I don't know what size they are either, but they are absolutely HUGE. (I'm thinking..queen or king size).

We have a shortage of small aprons at home for the frequent helpers in the kitchen. The youngest really needed an apron to cover her clothes when baking. I traced a simple pattern from dd#1's apron on to some newspaper, and then pinned and cut the fabric as usual. It's a little on the large size for our 6 year old bakerette (fits the 10 year old much better!), but I'm sure she'll grow into it. This apron was actually cut from a pillowcase in the sheet set, as you can see with all of the trim thrown in... couldn't let it go to waste now, could I?

The Pillowcase Apron

So taken with her apron, I just couldn't resist sewing up one for myself in a different colour, because one can never have too many aprons, right? The pattern was made the same way - by tracing around my favourite kitchen apron on to newspaper and then sewing it as usual. They are super quick to whip up...under an hour, including cutting it out.

Even big girls need aprons

Last week I also picked up the cutest little red gingham apron on my travels....I just couldn't resist! I'm beginning to wonder if I am developing a slightly disturbing obsession with aprons...

But they just make me SO happy! Read this post to understand why I like them so much.

And with weather like this......

....who wouldn't want to be snug and cosy inside, sewing away to their heart's content?


  1. How pretty and what a nice job you did! I just love the fabric.

    I have a bunch of linen shirts and pants I am thinking about making napkins with, but the aprons are a good idea too.

    Glad you had a great time and weekend.


  2. you are so clever. Those are gorgeous!!

  3. I love 'em. I think I have an Apron issue too. Though I only have two I lust after one every time I come across a new one.

  4. ooh, GENius re: tracing apron onto newspaper. I'm very impressed! Great idea, LOVE the reuse-density of the whole project, and the results are charming.

    Re: apron obsession, I remember walking into a friend's house for the first time and there were pretty little aprons displayed on the wall above the opening into the kitchen (between counter and back end of cupboards)--CHARMing (again). I thought even I, a non-collector, could go for that. =)

  5. I'm just learning to sew and an apron is my first project - I look forward to the day I can whip one up in an hour! Aprons are the best.

  6. Karyn, I really like the napkin idea! I am partial to a linen napkin.

    Thanks, LJ!

    It's really hard not to, isn't it, Christie.

    OH, YES, biodabbler, I am loving the idea of a display on a wall! A great way to show them off!!

    They really are so much fun to make, Sonya. I can't wait to see your first creation!


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