What do you get when you combine two friends, a sizeable amount of beautiful, fresh apples and an uninterrupted day of kitchen activity?

Quite a lot, as it turns out!

My friend Kirsty had picked up two boxes of Pink Lady apples at the local market and was looking to preserve some of them. Easily persuaded to join her, I managed to also pick up some apples, although mine were Granny Smiths from the local fruit shop. Both great apples!

We got to work yesterday, peeling and chopping the apples and by the afternoon, Kirsty's kitchen had produced:

Homemade apple pies, made by Kirsty
Three of her delicious smelling apple pies (the other one is still baking). She plans to put these in her freezer for easy winter desserts. That is, if they don't get eaten first!

...around a dozen bottled jars of apples (size 20 -600ml and 27 -900ml Fowlers jars). I'm looking forward to using these in fruit crumbles over winter.

A huge supply of peelings and cores that were made into homemade pectin stock, for future jams and jellies.

The pectin stock was made by following these directions from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial. I took around half of the peelings home with me and put them in the slow cooker with some water for about 6 hours, they were then hung to drain overnight and the stock bottled this morning. The peelings I had produced 9 x 300ml jars. I wonder how Kirsty went with hers...

Homemade pectin stock for jam making
The pectin stock produced an impressive set test before bottling. I'm curious to see how it compares to the commercial pecin.

Kirsty also put a full load of sliced apples (soaked in lemon juice first), into her dehydrator. She mentioned her kids have been munching on them already!

Not having a dehydrator myself, I strung some apples up on string and hung them in my kitchen, just to get in on the action!

Drying apples, the old fasioned way.
I'm not sure how long they'll take to dry out, but I'm happy to wait. I just love looking at them though, as does my 10 year old, who thought they should be strung up on a Christmas tree!

Cooking with friends is a such fun way to work your way through a bulk supply of produce, which would otherwise be quite a chore if done alone. I'm really looking forward to more days like this!


  1. What a seriously productive day! The pies look delicious. A great one to have in the freezer.

  2. Christine, thanks for trying the pectin! We just made up a batch of blackberry and rhubarb jam, and the set is sooo much nicer with homemade pectin! It's softer and you can boil it for ages, unlike the commercial version.

    Isn't it lovely when you have lots of apples to play with? One thing we do when we have surplus is to freeze them for pies - we peel and slice them, then dip them in a weak vitamin C solution. This keeps them lily white in the freezer. :)

    Cheers, Celia

  3. Thanks ladies, it was lots of fun! :o).

    Celia, I'm really happy with the pectin..with the metho test it was really 'gloopy' without being refrigerated..I tested it just from draining overnight. Can't wait to use it in something. Blackberry and rhubarb jam sounds delish.

    I hadn't thought of freezing the apples uncooked...will have to give that a go! Thanks!

  4. Those pies look so yummy. What a great idea to make your own pectin with the apple surplus l will be taking this on board thanks for the idea.


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