A weekly army of Women and their Achievements

Fridays are gardening days in my world. Not just any gardening days though, it's a day where I gather with a group of likeminded women, who, over dirt, cake and vegetables have become good friends. I have been gardening on Fridays this way for 2 years and really can't imagine my Fridays any other way. I love my veggie group end to the week.

A typical Friday will see kids dropped off at school and then arriving at the person's home who is hosting/receiving that week. Hosting by supplying refreshments for the workers and receiving by accepting an army of women's labour. It's a great deal! Cake always goes down well. As does ample supplies of coffee and tea. Lunch (and the occasional offer of wine), are purely optional.

The Men of our area seem to think we don't get much done...that we are just a group of women dressed up in our oldest clothes, chattering away over kitchen tables. Sure this does go on (really, how could it not!), but there is SO much more that goes on as well. By learning from each other, we have tackled vegetable and fruit tree plantings, garden bed construction, fencing, chook pen assembly, bean mazes, irrigation, greenhouse construction, wood oven building and foraging. It is empowering and inspiring all at the same time.

And today veggie group happened to be at my place.

Oh, and a little daunting too! Did I mention that? A bunch of women arriving on your doorstep at five minutes past nine expecting to be fed, with their pre-schoolers in tow kind of does that to a person.

Luckily for my army of women, there was a plan. With 20 hands working on what 2 hands would do, it took less than 2 hours to accomplish what would have taken me forever! Now that's what I call clever gardening, would you agree?

I really wanted to fence off an area around my (badly goat nibbled) fruit trees to serve as a chook run during the day. In my mind this is an ideal partnership, the chooks are in their element, scratching and searching for bugs while also fertilizing the trees. Win/win!

I had spent a chunk of time earlier in the week marking out and driving in fencing stakes, and pruning low hanging branches and blackberries. What now needed to be done was to attach the chicken wire to the stakes and sink two posts for a gate. The team worked well, despite the drizzly, cold weather....

...although they did get a little camera shy when I whipped out my little pocket photo taker. The kids are always eager helpers, mimicking what the adults are up to. Great life learning here..

Feeling surprisingly kindhearted for the day, I decided to feed them lunch as well as the obligatory cake...considering it was a really big job that I was asking them to do.

People were welcome to bring along a topping from their garden to go on the pizzas. Lots of very tasty ones were churned out, including this wild mushroom one by my partner in foraging. Nice one, K! :-)
(Saffron Milk Caps with garlic, bocconcini, thyme and oregano)

This is how the team like to relax after a morning's work....in today's case, around a cosy campfire, passing the time of day. Kids? Well, we really don't know where they are or what they are up to...but rest assured they are having a ball!

I'm totally wrapped with my new chicken run...it's huge! I can't wait to put the chickens in and fashion a gate for my lovely entry. I am thinking berries to grow along the fence and a few more fruit trees...

If you're reading ladies, thankyou! It would've taken me forever and wouldn't have been half as much fun!!

Next week we will be at someone else's house and be doing a similar (or completely different!) thing all over again. And the week after that, and the week after that.....and so on it goes.

An army of Women and their Achievements.


  1. Oh wow, what a wonderful way to spend a Friday,. In essence it is what our ancestral woman folk used to do way back in the day.. in the fields with bubs on backs working together. What a blessed way to forge womanly bonds and get the garden done. I love this idea.

  2. Oh !hat a wonderful group of women and a great idea. All working together to get things done :0)

  3. Thats such a great idea. So few people get to together to do this sort of thing anymore. Lovely, lovely way to spend a Friday... now I have Friday gardening envy :-)

  4. omg i am so, SOOOO jealous! what a wonderful tradition! just the idea at all is fabulous, but every week? are you kidding me? how do become a citizen, and where exactly do you live again? ;)

  5. I concur, how wonderful to spend time with other like-minded women, get some work done on a pet project and sit around eating and talking.

  6. Late reply, I know! The group is fantastic! It started with just a couple of girls and then grew as word spread. We are up to around 11 ladies now, so it doesn't matter if we have something else on, we don't feel guilty about 'letting the team down', although I tend to plan around it because I don't want to miss out on going!. There is usually a good showing of around 8 plus people each week.

    The kids just love it, and it has also helped to create some manly friendships between the husbands/partners when we all get together for bonfires etc. Definitely on to a good thing here! :o)

  7. Hi Christine, I'm visiting from Down to Earth. You have very lucky chooks! Your group is a fantastic idea, what a productive and social way to spend your Fridays. Just beautiful.

  8. Hi Christie, welcome and thanks for your lovely comments. I think I would be lost without my veggie group end to the week :o)

  9. Hi Christine...I just realised this is a older post....What a fantastic way to be helping each other...Yep! Many hands make light work...Hope you are all still doing it...Keep up the great work.

  10. Hi Narelle - yep, still at it, every Friday!! It's exciting at the moment because we are currently setting up a 'group blog' where we can hopefully upload posts each time our turn rolls around and share pictures/recipes. I'll post the link when it's up and running and in full swing. :)


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