The nicest thankyou of all

Yes. I am fully aware that I am one of those mad, blathering chook ladies. Yes. I am fully aware that I ramble on and on and on about them, completely unnecessarily. Yes. I do have plenty of other (much more interesting!), things to talk about but for today, allow me this one small indulgence before I go back to my regular, un-chookified ramblings.

It was sitting neatly in the nesting box. I found it when I checked on them this morning. It was still warm. I can't help thinking that it is a timely thankyou for all of my hard work over the weekend to improve their living quarters. Probably just perfectly timed (the seller did say in about 3 weeks), but for today, I'm taking it as a welcome thankyou.

Anyone who has enjoyed homegrown fresh, free-range eggs and then had to go back to store bought will understand my joy. At last the egg-drought has been broken!


  1. I am so glad that there is another "mad chook woman" around. I don't know if I will ever become blase about finding the eggs. My chooks however, view the nesting box that I prepared for them with disdain and create their own little nests up on the shelf, sigh.
    But hey, so long as they keep laying.....


  2. Ah yes beautiful Christine! Not sure if you read on the Forum I am using your soap too, its lovely thank you.

  3. Hi Jan, that's really funny about the nesting box! Don't you just love their quirky personalities. Anything that helps them lay, eh!

    Thanks, Tammy! I am really pleased you like it :o)

  4. Hi Christine-

    I'm loving your photos and following your adventures raising chickens!

    I found your blog from Rhonda's simple living blog post that you had commented on.

    From what you post on your blog, I think you might be interested on a blog I've been working on... Maria's Farm Country Kitchen (

    It's a blend of simple living advice, focusing on home cooking and organic gardening. Take a look around and if you'd like, join the FB fan page as well. There's lots of great women there engaging in simple living conversations.

    Good luck with the chickens and keep up the writing/photo posting!

  5. My mum always kept chooks up until last year. So our steady supply of organic free range eggs dried up. They just don't compare to the bought ones! Even when they are 'good' bought ones. The yolk is never as yellow.
    With a run like your girls have now, how could they not want to lay!

  6. Hi Dana, thanks for your link, I will take a look.

    CHFG, yes! The yolks are never as yellow!! And the whites are never as 'plump' either! Maybe you could find a trading partner who keeps chooks and trade some of your delicious looking bread for fresh eggs? Just an idea...


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