A good trade...

(From the archives: May 2010)

I made a good trade today. We have such an enormous amount of bark that has fallen from the gum trees on our property, we usually pile it all up and burn it over winter but today it had another use. It also happens to make great mulch for the person who (has access to and), is prepared to take the time to feed it through a large mulching machine. I bundled a trailor load of the bark together and took it down to my keen mulcher.

In return, from their property, I came home with a trailor load of nice, crumbly, dry horse manure. Perfect for the garden and adding to the chook dome!

Which helps me to grow healthy vegetable for my family,

like this...



and these!

There is always someone out there who needs what you don't want, and might possibly just have something that you need! It's just a matter of finding them. Besides being useful, it can be fun to scratch each others backs at times.


  1. Definately a good trade! Love it when things work out like that!

  2. Excellent trade! I love doing doing trades, just need to find some more people to do it... Want to trade your house for a flat in the city?... Nah, didn't think so :-)

  3. Lol! Holiday swap could be the way to go! :0)


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