Garden happenings...

After feeling flat and unmotivated about the garden (it's looking so awful at the moment!), I spent some time today thinking about exactly what I want from it.

The chook dome needed moving again, and the exposed bed (#1) needed planting. I started mapping out what is growing in each bed and when the chooks will next visit, and what will then go in to each bed after the chooks move onto the next one. Once I got my head around that, a pattern seemed to emerge and then my list started showing other things that I also wanted to achieve, such as more mulched pathways, a fence around the fruit trees to allow our new chooks free-ranging opportunities and of course more clearing of bark and leaves which will result in more burning off.

So much to do and only one me!

Bed #1 planted, with the chook dome behind, now in position 2.

In between driving kids back and forward for weekend birthday parties, I got stuck into my list. Leaves raked, bonfire burning and seedlings planted.

Bed 1 is now home to sugarsnap peas around a homemade tee-pee, along with purple cauliflower, brussels sprouts, kale and lettuce. The purple cauliflower, sprouts and kale are all new to me, not having been grown before. I used the newspaper pots which were sown a few weeks ago which I am really liking - each plant has their own little 'home' to live in until they grow out of the paper and find their way in the 'big plant's soil.. .'

Homegrown seedlings in homemade newspaper pots

I also took the opportunity to put in my garlic today, about 8 bulbs, in two different spots. The comfrey that has been sitting in a pot for the last 4 months also got planted, along with a bunch of perennial leeks.

At the end of the day, I knew my efforts weren't in vain when my husband came out and asked which vegetables he could use from the garden for some soup he was making with my daughter.

Now that is what I call successful gardening!


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