Chook update...

Over the weekend, I could barely contain my excitement over the new chicken run! After letting all of our new girls out and watching in despair as they all flew up our neighbour's tree, I needed to make a mad dash to my daughter's netball game. Fretting over my feathered ones, I came home to find them having a wonderful time scratching in the bark and leaves. Herding them slowly so as not to scare them, they were shuffled into the new run. Even our newest addition accepted the invitation with glee! What fun to see them dig and scratch, preen and dust-bathe on the warm, sunny slope.

Our newest girl, "Smiley" (named by our youngest), enjoying her first dust-bath since her arrival.

That afternoon, we encountered the first hiccup when our newest girl decided to take her chances at flapping over the fence to the appealing looking trees on the neighbour's side. Soon, all of the girls were taking notice and following her lead. Argh! I had not planned on this. Never having the need before to have their wings clipped, I am suddenly thinking of such things. Just one wing, apparently, and just a portion off the flight feathers (not the actual wing!). And the next thing to consider...once their wings are clipped, will they still be able to reach their sleeping perch? If not, will they need a ladder to help them up?


Today they took a rest. The three old girls were back in the veggie patch in the chook dome, while the new girls, including our newest, got a chance to get to know each other a little better in the permanent chook pen. I was very pleased to see the pecking non-existant with our 'chief pecker' away from the scene. The new one has been staying in a sectioned off part of this pen, so she can still interact with the others but without the violence.

After spending an exhausting day on a school farm excursion with my youngest today, I am planning a quiet day of 'wing clipping research' tomorrow!

The flock (x8), enjoying their new run.


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