Busy times...

All of the sick ones are back at school again and I have jumped into a new plan. Lots of preparation was needed, along with the usual jobs to keep the home running smoothly. I have to say, I am exhausted!

Hopefully tomorrow will see another good day's work on the project. I'm not saying much until it is done, except that it involves plants and living creatures! Until then though, here are some images of my busy days...

Homemade pizza sauce with the end of season tomatoes, recipe here.

A plentiful supply of wire netting...

"Cheesymite scrolls", a take-off of the ones available from commercial bakeries. Just follow these directions, substituting vegemite and cheese for the filling ingredients.

Could those be star pickets driven into the ground? And a mysterious looking string line?

And a handsome looking woodpile, with a purpose in mind...


  1. It is no good when there are sick people in the house...glad they are all well now.
    Can't wait to see the 'project'
    Have a great day


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