Wild Mushroom and Leek Fettucine - a forager's delight!

What to do with a basket of fresh, wild mushrooms? Risotto? Mushrooms on toast with gooey, melted cheese? Soup? ....Nope. It had to be pasta. In a creamy sauce. With herbs from the garden....and garlic!

I am still digesting the huge amounts of information that came my way at the recent fungi workshop and took the opportunity yesterday to take my daughters out for a spontaneous forage! Not great mushroom eaters, they still made eager foragers. A good forager must be taught from a young age. They found ones that I missed. Eager little eyes that were honed in for the prize, much better than mine (and conveniently closer to ground level too). The prize being Saffron Milk Caps. Frightfully worrying to look at but perfectly safe to eat.

The result was a modest basket to share with my dad. The number one rule of foraging - never take more than you need. I know he ate them, although I'm not sure what he thought of them.
We ate them too...and we are still here so they must be ok. Their taste is mild, definitely not overpowering. They went well with the creamy pasta sauce that we had for dinner.

Wild Mushroom & Leek Fettucine

Heat a glob of butter and a generous dollop of olive oil in a frying pan until butter has melted and is foaming. Add 1 large (or 2 small) sliced leeks (all the better if homegrown), 1-2 cloves of crushed garlic, and the sliced mushys. Fry gently for 5-10 minutes until golden and the smells are wafting. Add a good glug of pouring cream and simmer to thicken.

Chop a handful of fresh garden herbs (parsley & thyme) and add these to the pan off the heat. Toss cooked and drained fettucine through a little sauce and place on plates. Pour remaining sauce over top of pasta. Eat.

I asked my husband what he thought of our foraged dinner. He didn't comment but merely pointed to his empty plate by way of reply. No words needed. He liked the mushrooms. And so did I. Work still needs to be done on the younger foragers though...


  1. That dinner looks so good.....it would be so good to know which mushrooms are edible :0)

  2. Thats such a great thing to be able to eat from the wild. I have no idea which are good eating mushrooms and which are the keel over type.
    A wonderful thing to be teaching your kids though- mushrooms aren't just found in a super market! :-)

  3. Ooh Yum! Can't wait for mushroom season.

  4. Yes, Debbie, I am dying to get my hand on a good guide for some more foraging!

    It's much fun, City Hippy. Again, looking forward to looking at a comprehensive guide. We have some field mushrooms on our property, but without knowing for sure, I'm just not game to try them. The kids thought it was great fun though! If only they actually found them tasty...*sigh* Lol!

    Aren't they just delicious, Wendy! :o)


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