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Some time ago I confessed my satisfaction with finding objects at the tip. The tip really is a favourite place of mine to go...there is always something new to see and often things to be brought home and put to use. Our local tip has a recycling centre that charges a small fee for items you want to take away, very reasonable really. I like the fact that I'm giving things a second life that would otherwise become landfill, and it saves me buying new items that have been mass-produced, mass-marketed and that are often over-priced. It has been too long since my last excusion to the tip, I must go again soon.

In the meantime, here is a little peek at some of the finds that I have come home with in the past 12 months.....

This is a 240litre wheelie bin that was a little dirty, but otherwise complete (ie. watertight). After purchasing a tap fitting from the hardware shop and having the husband kindly help me fit it, the bin makes a perfect brewing vessel for seaweed concoctions, manure tea-bags etc. Once my comfrey takes off, I plan to brew a batch in this container. It is currently about a third full with a seaweed brew, which was collected on my last trip to the beach (ssshhh...don't tell).

I was really happy to find a sturdy table to use as a potting bench in the greenhouse. Some lovely friends fitted a shelf made of wire mesh underneath the table top, which is very handy for storing all manner of gardening paraphernalia.

This little stool actually came from the opportunity shop but is still within the theme of this post. It was previously a long-legged kitchen bar stool affair, that (after I got to it with a pruning saw), made a very convenient little seat to sit on to stoke our little oven here. In the background is some of the vast quantities of plastic mesh I have gathered from the tip which plants just love to grow up. Why do people throw this stuff out??

Not exactly a tip find, this pictured trolley was rescued after my brother put his old barbeque onto the roadside on a council pick-up day. Someone had already come along and removed the bbq (Aha! A likeminded soul!), leaving just the empty frame, which I thought would make a great mobile pizza-cutting table to stand near our woodfired oven. The timber for the top was found in our garage (left over from the previous owner), and the little corrugated perspex windshield was fixed on with some screws to stop our lovely hot pizzas getting windchill as soon as they are removed from the oven! The shelf underneath is very handy for storing unbaked goods that are waiting to go in.

When cooking in a woodfired oven, sometimes the coals need to be scooped out, as is the case when baking bread. This littly guy is the perfect holder for hot coals and the lid keeps the dangerous embers from blowing away and possibly igniting a fire. I call this my little U.F.O. It really does look just like one! I like the fact that it is on wheels, it makes it a whole lot easier to remove the hot coals from the work area....fast!

And while this functional goat shelter wasn't found at the tip, all the materials were..right down to the pram wheels! I couldn't believe my luck when I found four matching wheels.....and on the same day, too!! Oh, I lie...I bought the green paint. The husband made a frame from the timber and then fixed on the metal sheeting and wheels and suddenly we have happy, dry goats. They love this shelter and enjoy standing on the peak, surveying their surrounds.

There are a load more things that one can come away with from the tip, such as chicken wire, timber posts, gates, irrigation supplies (often still in their packaging!), cages and dog kennels for little duck houses, bikes, garden tools....I could go on and on! But I won't. I'm planning a trip soon. Not for anything in particular. But I may take the trailor. And it may come home un-empty!


  1. Our local dump has a shop (recycle centre) too and used to be cheap now their prices are nearly as dear as the normals shops and it is new from the shops.

  2. That's a shame and quite frustrating! It defeats the whole purpose when they charge too much..

  3. Our tip has just changed hands and I don't even know if they have the tip shop anymore. Grrr! Dad lives in a hut and he dumps all his rubbish at some bulk bins outside town. It is in an area that is close to our farming area. He is constantly finding things dumped that with a bit of elbow grease and some tinkering are as good as new. Just the other day he bought some books that are in perfect condition. It is just so sad that we have become such a throw away society. If we do our bit the rest may follow. Who knows it might happen. (Smiles with hope in her heart)

  4. Hi Deb, it really is amazing what gets thrown away and you're right, all we can do is set an example and hope others will follow. Fingers crossed your tip shop opens back up.


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