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Just a quick garden update today, as I'm a bit zapped for energy (school holidays? No... that has nothing to do with it, honest!). I had a lovely day outside earlier this week with the newspaper pots, and at the same time, also ripped up my strawberry bed, which was situated right near some huge gum trees and consequently wasn't doing so well.
The strawberries were all potted up individually into pots containing mushroom compost and placed in a sunnier spot. I'll figure out the specifics of exactly where to put them a little later on in the year The afternoon's work resulted in 35 potted strawberry plants plus another 10 or so still in the ground waiting to be potted. Today I picked up a handfull of hanging baskets to try growing some in, as our sunny spots are really limited (one of the compromises of living in the bush), and I wanted to make use of every available spot. I'm really excited about trying these out.

So this is what is happening in my garden today...

The mama leeks are all having babies and are ready to be divided. I am thinking about a big pot of potato and leek soup to use up some of the mamas.

Remember the lemon tree I planted about a week ago? Here it is sending out new flowers and tiny fruit! I think it is happy (so far) in it's new home. I hope it copes ok once we have a couple of frosts...

and here we have some...winter tomatoes!! Correct me if I'm wrong, but those little dangly things look suspiciously like fruit to me. This plant, which goes by the name of "Stupice", is on the east facing brick wall in our south-facing courtyard. Hopefully by being up against the brick wall it will be happy over the colder months.

The carrot bed that was sown with my own saved rainbow heirloom seed mix has germinated and is growing well, despite the lack of full sun (again, next to huge gum trees! What can I do?).

...and the broccoli is coming along in bed 5, which is just as well, because I was really sifting through the bugs to gather the remaining florets from bed 2. I know they're extra protein, but caterpillars in the cooking pot just don't stimulate my appetite.

There are also some little raspberries forming on the new canes. Perhaps a light autumn crop?


  1. I have always loved the look of hanging strawberry plants- so I would be interested to see how they turn out for you. I have a straggly strawberry plant in a pot that just doesn't seem to ever die. Despite not a lot of consistent love being given to it, the little fella is fruiting again at the moment.
    *sigh* I have vegetable garden envy over all your plantings.

  2. Thanks :0), I will endeavor to keep you informed of the strawberries' progress. You have one tough little plant there!


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