Newspaper seedling pots - no gadget required

I have seen these nifty little newspaper pots for a while and always thought that the "special gadget" was needed to make them. Until I came across a clip on youtube showing how to make them with a can....and another showing how to make them with a glass...and even an origami method! I don't know if my plants are quite deserving of me setting aside the time to origami for them, but these little pots will really help me with the seedling stage...when they outgrow their punnets but can still be grown on for a while in a pot before planting out. They will also be handy for planting the bigger seeds in direct. The great thing is, the pots can be planted in the ground along with the seedling, so there is no root disturbance to the seedling that could cause transplant shock. After watching a few clips and experimenting, this is what works for me:

You will need:
tall, straight sided glass

Take one sheet of newspaper and tear it in half along the center line. Fold one of the half sheets in half again, by bringing the bottom up to the top. Press firmly along the fold.

Then make a tab/flap, by folding up about a 2-3cm lip along the bottom (folded), edge.

Take the glass and position it as shown, leaving an excess of newspaper on the left side.

Roll evenly and firmly along the lenght of the paper.

Once you reach the end, hold the newspaper firmly to stop it unravelling and press the ends inside the open end of the glass.

Carefully remove the glass, and using a chopstick, press down the bottom of the pot.

Using the glass the right way up, press the base of the pot firmly to squash down the layers.

Remove the glass and adjust the flap at the top so that it is overlapping the inner layer, securing the top of the pot.

One finished newspaper seedling pot, ready to be filled with soil.

The eager helpers got in on the action and turned out some surpisingly good pots. It was too much to contain their excitement, so after a quick trip to the shops to replenish our seed supplies, they were into the compost, filling the pots and sowing seeds!


  1. Thank you for that I've always thought somehow it went against the grain to buy something to help you to recycle something - just found your blog and I'm glad I did - thank you - I'll follow if thats OK .....

  2. Hi Cristine, I have noticed these paper rolls on your side bar when I read your blog and today (as I am in a planting mood) thought I would try this method, glad you put the instructions here, I had no idea how to roll them, Many thanks...:)

  3. You're welcome, have fun with them..they can be a little addictive though ;)

  4. Hi Christine, I have only just found your blog and I love it. Just made these cute paper pots, yay for saving money. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Jo in NZ

  5. What a great idea! I'm definitely going to show hubby, he'll love it, too! I'll bookmark this and do this with my seedlings in the spring. I actually have to start some of my garden seeds in late January, and this looks like something I'd have fun doing, too!

    Thanks so much for sharing! When I get to my gardening postings (I've just recently started to blog) would you mind if I use the link to this? I think the more people who know about this, the better.

    Had to come back to let you know that something is going wrong when I try to sign wordpress blog url here in order to comment. No matter how many times I put it in, it kept telling me that my URL contained illegal characters, but it didn't. I'm not sure why it did that, but I'm signing it with my name and page url the other way, instead of by clicking on the "WordPress" button below.



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