Lemongrass and Olive Oil Soap with Sage

Earlier in the week I made this batch of soap. Not to be put off with my previous seizing episode, I wanted to have another go at using my new stick blender (I just love the way it reduces the time involved!). The differences between that batch and this one are:

No 1. No kids around (last time they were a huge distraction!)
No. 2. Distilled water used instead of tap
No. 3. Less fragrance oil used (by 1/3).

The soap still traced quickly with the stick blender and had I not been totally focused I think it may also have seized, which I am putting down to the fragrance oil. These last two batches are the only ones where I have tried fragrance oils and as it turns out, the only ones I have had trouble with super fast tracing..
As I was on my own with no disturbances, I was able to pour the soap into the mold quickly enough only just before it completely solidified.

I was excited to try some avocado oil that I had come across. I used this at no more than 5% of the total oils, as apparently it is a soft oil and my book recommended using only this much. The soap was ran through a soap calculator for a superfatting of 6%. The quantities of ingredients for a 1500g batch I used are as follows:

30% coconut oil - 450g
65% olive oil - 975g
5 % avocado oil - 75g

500ml distilled water
212g lye

1/4 cup loosely packed dried, ground sage leaves (from the garden)
30ml lemongrass 'essential oil' but I have my doubts. It was a fragrance, going by the cheap price.

The lye was added to the melted oils at 100f. Using the stick blender it was mixed, alternating with slow stirring. The sage and fragrance were added at a thin trace and then poured into the mold as the mixture thickened (really quickly!). The lid was fitted and the soap insulated for 48 hours, undisturbed.

Another thing I tried differently this time was not using plastic wrap to line the mold. Big mistake! I had so much trouble getting the soap out of the mold and ended up with quite a pile of scraps that I ended up rolling up into little 'soap balls'.

The soap is now on another cake rack drying. I really need to organise some racks to use specifically for soapmaking, as my kitchen desperately needs the cake ones back!

Lemongrass & Olive Oil soap with Sage


  1. That soap blend sounds wonderful and I can smell it from here :0)

  2. That looks so lovely. I have all those ingredients so I think I am going to give it a try.

    My sage is growing so nicely and it has spurned new plants all over my herb garden.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. You are welcome, Wendy :o) I find it so satisfying to use herbs out of the garden for this type of thing.

    Happy soapmaking!

  4. One of my first batches of soap had sage in it ... mine came from a spice jar. =) I scented it with peppermint and TTO. It was lovely and one that I was very sad to use up.

  5. This batch is nearly finished too, Erin it has been my favourite to date. Your sage soap sounds quite delicious! :)

  6. Very nice soap. If you have any problems of mixing lye and fat ratios, there is a lye calculator that will tell you exactly how much lye to use with your combination of fats and fragrant or essential oils. Great site. I use a lot of extra fragrance. This has come in handy several times.

  7. I made your other Lavender Sage soap recipe and absolutely love it, it smell so wonderful. I notice that this Lemongrass Olive Oil with sage recipe is very similar, but there's no mention of infusing the olive oil with sage. Just wondering why? Is there any reason I shouldn't?



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