Introducing...our new girls

Our team of egg-layers (or rather, non egg-layers) has aquired some newcomers. I have held back posting a pic of them because I wanted to be sure they had settled in nicely (and not died of shock, cold or the brutal pecking that can sometimes happen). The two point of lay Isa Browns and the twelve week old Australorp and Araucana arrived on Sunday and have spent the last few days familiarising themselves with their new surroundings and the three geriatrics that came with it.

The birds came from a local breeder who raises predominantly Isa Browns, but also offers a small selection of specialty breed hens as well as ducks and emus. The pecking has been minimal, with only the youngest of our previous three asserting herself. It is quite noisy at dusk as they all find their proper perching position, according to the pecking order, and the little Araucana actually gets herself all comfy and cosy for sleep in a nesting box! The two young ones are still cheeping, while the older chooks have found their clucking function.

All seven birds have spent the past few days in the pen together and today I let out the three old girls into the chook dome tractor. This suited the newcomers as they could scratch for bugs and seed undisturbed.

The Isa Browns, which according to the seller, should start laying in about 3 weeks

and the Australorp (black, behind) that my youngest has named 'Cutie', and the lavender Araucana (front), which will lay blue eggs and has been christened 'Violet'. I admit to being fascinated with her hair-do!


  1. Oh I look forward to seeing a blue egg from Violet the lavender - it all sounds lovely! Lie a colour combo I might use for a card :)

  2. Yes, a colour combo indeed! It's a shame Easter's just been, it could've made a nice 'eggy' card, lol!


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