Homemade lip balm

I came across a recipe for lip balm in one of the library books I have out at the moment. My family always suffers from really dry, cracked lips once the cold winter weather sets in, so I thought it would be fun to try and ease some of their discomfort. I already had some beeswax on hand, which was picked up a month or so ago at the local market and it was calling at me to use it in something.

Lip balm base:
1 part beeswax
2 parts almond oil

Melt all ingredients in a double boiler until smooth. Add any extras (flavourings, colour..etc). Pour into small containers and allow to set.

I used 25g beeswax (grated) and 50g oil. As I didn't have any almond oil, I tried this recipe with apricot kernal oil, which I found in the health food section of the supermarket. I put the oil and wax into a large mug and then placed the mug into a frying pan which was filled with hot water. The ingredients were melted over low heat in this water bath. So far so good, it set super fast and really firm (within minutes of pouring into the containers). I'm not sure what the keeping qualities are with the apricot kernal oil, but we go through a lot of lip balm so it should get used up fairly quickly.

My daughter wanted to make hers tinted, so some unused lipstick was added with a toothpick and allowed to melt into the mix. All up the project took about 15 minutes, the main amount of time was waiting for the wax to melt. This quantity made 6 small jars.


  1. i wish my lips ever chapped so i could make lip balm... we always live in rainforests/swamps, so no moisture loss issues ;)
    for future reference, adding a little vitamin E oil preserves other oils you can actually just snip open some gel caps if you can't find it by the bottle. though i can't remember what kind of proportions it takes...
    without the E, homemade balms can sometimes go rancid pretty quick.... but if you store them in the freezer (the ones you're not using of course) they'll last lots longer.
    that fungus workshop sounds so awesome!!! i would love that, shrooms have always captured my imagination. i know some good edibles back home in Alaska, but man oh man are there a LOT of different species in the world. a whole lifetime of learning to be had. i took a dyeing with mushrooms workshop last year and loved it. they make some vibrant dyes!

  2. We use a lot of lip balm too and I might have to make some myself...I have the beeswax :0)

  3. Thanks, that's good to know, Calamity! I have put the remaining ones in the freezer and will have to hunt down some vit E for next time.

    The fungi day was brilliant, but like you say..SO many types out there and so many that haven't even been identified yet!! I'm happy with knowing a few safe ones that are ok to pick. The dyeing workshop sounds fascinating!

    Debbie - it's really quick and easy. Maybe try putting some vit. E in like Calamity suggests.

  4. See, I knew you would have made this. :) I'm trying with some cocoa butter I've found - cocoa butter, olive oil and beeswax (from foundation sheets I bought for candles!). Will let you know how I go. Must get me some little containers too..

  5. Cocoa butter sounds very interesting indeed, Celia. Hunting down the containers was the trickiest part..although if I decide to make more will get them through Aussie Soap Supplies. We are still using this batch (which hasn't gone rancid), it lasts for absolutely aaages!! Can't wait to hear how you go with it. :)

  6. I'm planning on making some lip balm for christmas presents this year-I've been saving tiny jam jars from hampers or when my relatives have stayed in hotels. They're a perfect size. Can't wait to give your recipe a whirl!


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