Hanging around, hoping for some strawberries...

With the beautiful warm weather making a reappearance, I was itching to get back into the garden. The hanging baskets that I had picked up for our strawberries have been living near the front door for the last couple of weeks and I was tired of stepping around them every time I was on my way in or out. I became inspired to plant the strawberries in the hanging baskets after admiring the ones over at Urban Homestead South Africa, and the seeing the harvest they grew, which was even enough to make some jam!

First, I lined them with some old plastic (from empty potting mix bags) to slow down evaporation. We experience some really hot winds over summer and I wanted to give the plants the best possible chance. They were then filled with a mixture of mushroom compost, water crystals, azaela and camellia food and worm castings. Three plants were placed in each pot. The brackets were attached to some existing timber in our courtyard and the baskets hung. They were watered with a mixture of worm tea and seaweed brew to settle them in.

The wall the baskets are on faces east in our courtyard and recieves about a half day of morning/noon sunshine. I'm hoping this will work over summer as the strawberries will be protected from the sun in the hottest part of the afternoon and also the hot westerly winds.

In addition to the four hanging baskets, we also have approximately 60 more strawberries potted up that will need to find a home for next season. My main goal is to grow enough berries to make some jam or syrup but if this doesn't happen, I will be happy with the juicy pickings!


  1. Strawberry Jam and syrup......yummm

  2. Thats going to look so great, when they start growing, and with gorgeous red berries dangling over the side. Will look very pretty.

  3. Yes, Debbie!

    I hope so, CHFG! :o)

  4. So glad that our baskets inspired you. We have so many strawberry plants now on runners from the original parent plants that we are running out of pots. I keep looking for more places to hang up more baskets...lol.


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