A gardener's meditative state...

Sometimes, even though an entire day has been spent working in the garden, I come inside at the end of the day feeling....alive. Sure, I'm tired, usually aching, but I somehow feel refreshed. I have put it down to the quiet, meditative state I get into while working away outside, often getting sidetracked to go onto different jobs and usually working my way around in a huge circle, often ending where I began. Even though my hands are busy, my mind is free to wander, which it does... and I find this kind of work so relaxing.

The peaceful afternoon saw me pulling out all the old tomatoes in the greenhouse and digging the bed over with goat straw and blood & bone. This was then planted with purple cauliflower, brussels sprouts, kale, silverbeet and lettuce seedlings. The tomatoes were hung up underneath our verandah to finish ripening on the vine. The path of getting sidetracked then took me to the chook garden beds and I found myself filling in all the empty spots with more seedlings of silverbeet, kale, lettuce and brussels sprouts, as well as dividing and planting LOTS of leeks.

Of course having the husband home for the day to play monopoly with the kids helped. They're happy, I'm happy, we're all happy!

And while I was working away, I happened to meet a new friend:...

Southern Brown Tree Frog


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