Fungi sightings

Our family has been witness to a spectacular Emergence of Fungi this year on our small property. The following are some of the different species that I have photographed during the last couple of weeks.

the speedy

the hidden

the tree stump dweller

the enormous

the elegant

the tempting

and the forbidden

I am looking forward to this weekend as I am booked in to attend a fungi workshop which also includes a field trip to study local specimens and guidance in identifying the poisonous and the safe.


  1. We have had amazing ones here too! The enormous I think I see popping up everywhere on our way to School, we had some light brown ones in the vegie bed that the slugs loved so I let the slugs have them and some really cut 'fairy' type ones in our yard ATM.

  2. It will be good to know which ones are ok to eat as some of them can be very dangerous.


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