Yearning for damp earth and dirty fingernails...

I haven't been out in the garden for some time and the jobs are starting to pile up. There are the carrots from vegie group that need thinning, the raspberries to be pruned, corn to be pulled up, cut up and put in the chook dome, the chook dome will need moving in a few days and the exposed bed then planted up, as well as placing an order for some more mushroom compost to make some new beds to house the recent blueberry and loganberry purchases. I also want to move my strawberry plants somewhere more sunny and away from the big gum tree roots that seem to drink up all of their water. I just don't know where, yet.

I did manage to get my hands dirty for about half an hour today though, and discovered I have little 'pearls' forming on my perennial leeks. I had great fun finding new spots to plant them!

Perennial leek with baby 'pearls'

I've also discovered that the older leeks which are growing, by coincedence, in amongst a patch of forget-me-nots are developing thick(er) shanks! So the secret seems to be to build them up with mulch - either living or not. I will give some thick goaty straw a go and see how this works. The elusive thick-stemmed leek may be within reach, after all.

The weather is meant to be fining up over the weekend, and I am really looking forward to doing some relaxed, Autumn pottering in the vegie patch.

We have been having lots of different birds come to visit us lately too, the tiny finches are so precious, and of course our cockies have made a re-appearance since we started filling the bird feeder again.

Cockatoo and swamp hen

The broken stick perch doesn't seem to phase him, I really should fix that!


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