'Winter Tomato' update

Since re-potting just a few weeks ago, the winter tomatoes have really taken off. From their home on top of the old ironing board frame in the greenhouse, their tops are just starting to touch the roof! Time to be moved. I am still undecided where to put them, as the angle of the sun has now moved and where I previously thought would be a nice sunny north-facing wall, is now covered in shade by a large pine tree for most of the day. The greenhouse is also in shade now for much of the day, so they really need to come out and find a sunny, new home.

The goats have spent a content week now in their new paddock. They no longer scream across the whole hillside when their eyes make contact with me passing by, just a polite goaty greeting that is much easier on the ears. It is so nice to look out of the kitchen window and see them grazing or basking in the sun.

And seeing as it's a post for updates, here is a pic of the quince paste that was made last week. It is sooo good. All that stirring definately was not in vain.

Superb with crackers and a selection of cheeses.


  1. The tomatoes are going great guns and hopefully they last through winter....keep us updated.
    The quince paste would be so lovely with cheese and biccies.

  2. The tomatoes really have me curious, it would be great to see other peoples winter tomatoes, but I only know one other person who is growing them...The updates will keep coming :-)


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