While the men are away...

... the women play. In the kitchen. Today, in Kate's kitchen. They peel, they chop, they cook, they chat! Oh, and they also eat! As a successful forage had taken place, there was an abundant supply of quinces that needed preserving. As well as finding a use for the generous numbers of zucchinis that happen to be around at the moment. What could possibly be the result of 4 likeminded women gathering together for a such a cook-a-thon? Or should that perhaps be a stir-a-thon? Let's take a look, shall we?

The gorgeous coloured (and flavoured) quince jam

Some spicy plum chutney

and a very tasty supply of zucchini relish.

For a  photo of the amazing quince paste that was produced from all our energetic stirring which took place over several hours click here. Watching the colour change from a pale straw to a deep red was a sight to behold.

The pantry is stocked up a little bit more and the tastebuds are happy. But what does one have for dinner when they have been out playing all day and then busy transporting young people about after school?

Homemade hamburgers with tomatoes from the garden, homemade ketchup and the tasty new zucchini relish...mmmm, so good.


  1. The jams and relish look lovely and quince jam I haven't had for years (not since I was a kid).
    Homemade hamburgers....yummm

  2. I know its early but my mouth is watering at that burger! All your preserves look so good Christine.

  3. Thanks, ladies, it really was a team effort. Debbie, that was the first time I had tasted quince (jam or paste) and I just can't stop thinking about it!


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