Weekend wrap-up

I honestly don't know where the weekend went! Yesterday, daughter #1 started the netball season in spectacular weather, and the rest of the weekend seemed to pass by in lightening speed, also in spectacular weather. It was nice to get stuck into some more jobs that needed doing in the garden, such as pulling up the old corn and chopping it up to add to the chook dome. As this is due to be moved this week, I needed to harvest what was left in the bed it is about to go onto. This bed had already grown and harvested potatoes but some more plants had emerged, which I let be and watched them do their potato thing.

I found this cute little guy while unearthing his tuberous relatives

The quantity of potatoes I found in the neglected bed surprised me, considering it had already been harvested not that long ago. Not bad for a 'volunteer' harvest!

These potatoes are a mixture of pontiacs and nicola (nicola being my current favourite, they are so creamy and buttery!)

We have managed to keep the goats in their paddock for a whole 24 hours now! They escaped 3 times yesterday, simply by jumping the fence and by the afternoon I was OVER it! The husband came to the rescue with the portable solar electric fence unit, which was placed just next to our new fence, to give them a frightful shock if they even think about rubbing up against the fence and jumping it! If you have never heard the sound of a goat being zapped, count your ears lucky. It is right up their with a newborn's wail...Yes. It really is that stressful.

It does seem to be working though. For now.

And now for this little project that took a lot less time than I thought. I was in the opp. shop earlier in the week and spied a bread bin for $10. It was a honey coloured pine and looked like it had shot straight out of the late 1980's. Now, I know what your thinking, what about the great bread bag I made? Well, yes, just wait, that is all part of my plan.. to place the bread IN the bag and then IN the bread bin. All that is needed now is for me to actually go and MAKE the bread, which I admit, has not been at all regular lately. I'm hoping my new storage unit will inspire me to get moving on that one.

After a light sanding and two coats of stain/varnish in one (teak), this is the result:

You like? I like! I'm really happy with it, and it does a great job of hiding all the toasty, muffiney items that were clogging up the benchtop. And I secretly get pleasure from the smell of new varnish. Is that ok to share?


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