The volunteers are back in town..

We have volunteers. Garden volunteers, that is. I love going out into the garden and seeing those tiny little seedlings popping up out of the ground, volunteering themselves for a go at life. I had to be ruthless and pull out all the tomatoes that were coming up right where I had planted carrot seeds. Unfortunately it's too late to be starting tomatoes now. The other recent arrivals I will move to more suitable locations and let them have a go at life. Lots of cabbages are coming up (immediately after I had sowed a heap of them in trays!), as well as some silverbeet and garlic that had been hiding at harvest time.

Lettuce, (the red speckled forellenshcuss), seeding amongst some weeds..

Perennial leeks (I think?), emerging from the ground

Ahh, yes, hello friend...

And then, the mother of all volunteers...the raspberry bed! I remember the berry man I heard at a talk last year say, when pruning raspberries, keep six of the strongest canes and cut the rest off. Ok, so that I did, and also pulled up any promising looking canes for re-planting. So, the raspberry area now has 2 x 3 meter rows with 6 canes per bundle spaced around 40cm apart, plus a new 5 meter row with 16 new canes, PLUS another dozen or so canes potted up for swapping or sharing as well as a big wheelbarrow of cut canes for the goats to dine on.

All day I have been having hopes and visions for big bowls full of juicy, ripe raspberries with whipped cream. I know they are out there in my future, I just have to be patient.


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