Tent Pegs - the homemade variety

So....You want to learn how to make homemade tent pegs, hmm? No problem, I'll show you how it's done. Tent pegs are so handy to have around, from the obvious reason of camping, to any number of other uses, such as securing tarps, holding down chook dome tractors, holding bird netting down (which probably wouldn't need quite such a supersized peg as this one), and in my case today, holding the goat fence down, to eliminate their opportunities for escape.

You will need- metal rod: 8mm, or whatever thickness suits your purpose, ideally scrounged from a salvage yard, council pick up day or from a generous dad. Thanks Dad!

Clamp the rod nice and tight into your vice and mark the desired length. Mine were 40cm long. Get to work with the dusty, long forgotten hacksaw. Work those arms! Keep measuring and keep cutting.

Now the fun bit, decide the length of your ...poker? handle? The bit that actually "pegs" and clamp that part into the vice. Bend the peg right around until the long part is parallel to the peggy part. I really hope you're keeping up with my technical terminology here.

The bending is very satisfying work.

Now they may not look the prettiest, but if you scrounged your materials like I, it certainly would've saved you a bundle, and they are now ready to be put to use.

Finally, take yourself off to the goat paddock, peg down fencing in all "gappy" spots, then watch ...and wait. Observe young goat #2, who comes along, sniffs fence, rubs against fence and then proceeds to catapult off fence to other side. Your side. Apparently it was just an extra trick up her sleeve that you, her owner had no idea she had. She goes over as well as under. Return to house to re-think plan of attack.

Remember to take pleasure out of the small things in your day.


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