More Autumn preserving...

The Fowlers Vacola food preserver has been beckoning me once more. As it sits on my kitchen bench filled with water over the warmer months, it is a constant reminder that something else could be put into jars and preserved for colder days. At the end of the season (or after my addiction has been sufficiently fed), I will pack it away and it's prime position on the benchtop will be quickly filled with the beer fermenter for some winter homebrewing.

A couple of days ago, a nearby supermarket had pears on sale for 49 cents/kg (!), so I came home with a couple of bags filled to the brim.

Easy to prepare, the pears were peeled, quartered and the cores removed and then packed into the jars with a light sugar syrup (1 cup water to 3 cups sugar - although I doubled these quantities today and had just enough).

They went into the preserver which was then filled up with cold water and the timer set for an hour.

The metal skewer in the water is the probe to my digital thermometer - I wanted to keep an eye on the temperature as the water heated. I am still a little bit suspicious of my pre-loved preserver. The water heated up nicely within the hour, although I left the jars in there for an extra 10 minutes or so, just to be sure.

Pears in sugar syrup

Yield: 4 x no. 31 jars (1 litre) and 1 x pickles jar


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