March Food Swap

The first Saturday of the month has already rolled around again, which meant it was time for some food swapping. This month I was aiming to organise myself well in advance, but as it had been a busy week I only ended up remembering late last night. I had an old basket in my wardrobe that had been sitting there for ages, which had held my birthday present one year. I thought with a quick revamp it would make a good carrier to take my goods to the swap.

My items for the March swap were: 2 x jars of homemade blackberry jam, 4 x homemade soaps (2 x goatsmilk, honey and oatmeal, 1 x cocoa & cinnamon and 1 x coconut cream w/lime), 3 green zucchinis, 3 yellow zucchinis, 3 punnets of assorted cherry tomatoes, some multi-coloured carrot seeds, a bunch of kaffir lime leaves and 2 bunches of herbs (sage, oregano and rosemary).

....and in return I got: 1 dozen eggs, 2 big bags of basil, 1 bunch of parsley, 1 bunch of chocolote mint (smells amazing!), a handful of garlic, 2 small nugget pumpkins, a bundle of carrots, a bag of tomatoes, chillies and plums and finally a flowering succulent that's name has escaped me right now.

I am really pleased with what I came home with, and I was a little in awe as my basket was LOTS fuller coming home than it was going, I also still had a couple of zucchini's and tomatoes left too - everyone had plenty themselves! What made my day was that before I got there I was thinking about what I actually needed and was hoping to find some eggs and basil, which worked out for me. I plan to make up a batch of pesto and freeze it (I don't know if pesto can be bottled?). I was thinking of using the parsley in a soap, for green colouring and the succulent and chocolate mint for cuttings. As for the rest of the items, they will all be put to good use, no need to worry about that!


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