The Fowlers Experiment

I'm back to thinking about the Fowlers Vacola again. After spending the weekend perusing the new instruction manual I picked up last week, I think I have it sorted. Today was the first experiment day. And shopping day as it turned out, which worked out well as peaches are still cheap, so brought 2kg home with me. They are yellow freestone peaches and totally delicious fresh! I wonder what they'll taste like bottled....

First, I sliced the peaches in half and removed the stone. Then peeled the halves with a really sharp, small paring knife. Some of the skins peeled easily off which was a nice surprise. Then I sliced each peach into eighths. I love the colour of the center sections, just take a look! Gorgeous.

I thought I'd give a light sugar syrup a go, as plain water sounded just a little too plain for me. 1 cup of sugar was used to 3 cups of water, it was then heated together in a saucepan until the sugar was dissolved and then set aside while I got on with packing the jars.

First, the jars were rinsed, as apparently the fruit slides in easier into a wet jar! Then syrup, then more fruit, positioning with a chopstick, getting any air bubbles out. The process was repeated until the fruit had reached the top of the jars. It was then topped up with more syrup to leave 1/4 inch headspace and the rings, lids and clips positioned.

Into the mysterious beige preserver they went, jars covered with cold water, unit turned on and the timer set for an hour. The water was just starting to boil at about the 55 min mark, so I turned it off and let them sit until the timer beeped.

The 2kg of fruit yielded 3 x No.20 jars (600ml) and 1 x recycled pickles jar (not pictured). I notice that the fruit has risen in the jars, the book says this is a sign of a good seal, but could've been caused by the fruit not packed tightly enough.

Preserved peaches are one thing I definately go through a lot of, I eat 1kg of them all by my lonesome each week, on my cereal with homemade yoghurt, and recently discovered that the peaches I were buying were imported from Spain! SPAIN!! Good grief! I have nothing against Spain, but I really want Aussie peaches on my breaky cereal!


  1. just one word. YUM.
    oh and a few more words - I'm gonna give it a crack :) Well, I gotta get my stuff together first but I will and can't wait :)


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