Food over flames and the camping spirit...

We have a house full of campers at the moment. Three happy campers to be exact. School holidays are in their first week (of two) and two out of the three campers are working towards earning a camp-out badge for cubs (scouts). The requirement is that they have to camp out for 4 days and in that time wash all of their own dishes (which are stored in their own 'dilly bag'), and sleep in a tent. Fortunately, the tent can be inside, which is good news for the little camping people as it absolutely poured down with rain the other night! (The rain gauge said 5 inches although since it had been some time since it was last emptied, it's hard to know how much actually fell that night).

With a tent in the lounge room and camping utensils scattered throughout the kitchen, it's hard not to get into some sort of camping spirit..albeit, a very luxurious camping spirit, what with sleeping in my own comfy bed and having all the conveniences of home. A campfire was in definately in order. For the sole purpose of toasting marshmallows, you see.

But then it morphed into a dinner thing... in which we decided to cook the sausages on the fire as well..oh, and some potatoes wrapped in foil and baked in the ashes...and while we're at it, why not throw on a few corn cobs from the garden as well? ....And you know what would be a really great idea? Baking some bananas in brown sugar and butter and making a cakey-puddingy thing in a 'billy'.

Of course. Why not. It is 'embrace camping spirit day', after all.

There is nothing like a little bit of leftover reo-mesh propped up on some (precariously balanced) bricks for an impromptu barbeque. I like this little set up. It appeals to my (rustic) nature. The firewood is of course free, harvested from fallen branches on our property.

Culinary pleasures still abound when cooking on a primitive set up, such as this one

The meal was a hit. The puddingy-cakey thing turned out surprisingly well - much better than expected. The caramel bananas were good...really good. To be honest, it's just nice to eat outside...around a fire. It's not something we do very often and the little campers were very happy with the afternoon's events.

A shovel-full of coals transferred to one of our fuel heaps by the husband ignited this blaze. The roaring bonfire is made up of the long, thin bark that falls from our gum trees every summer....without fail. It was nice to say goodbye to this pile for another year.

First bonfire of the season

There are three more piles on our property just like this one, awaiting their time to burn.


  1. Food cooked over an open fire just tastes so much better doesn't it :0)

  2. Absolutely!! It must be all that smokey flavour ;0)


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