Chook dome vegie garden update - March 2010

The onions that were sowed a couple of weeks ago are up and are ready to be planted out. Being the middle of March and six weeks since it had last been moved, the chook dome was due to be moved (and was last week), and the newly cultivated bed is now ready to be planted up with cold loving plants.

Red onion, brown onion and leeks

The bed the chooks have just vacated (bed 6) will hold onions, lettuce, carrots and possibly a few garlic cloves as a little experiment. I am planning on planting some garlic now and some at the beginning of winter to see which time of year produces the largest bulbs.

The following pictures show the chook dome vegie garden at the moment. As you can see, it is obvious that the end of summer has been, with the warm weather vegies all coming to an end and the whole area generally looking really tired and messy....

Bed 2: The last of the broccoli, some unharvested cabbages (savoy), carrots and potatoes

Bed 3: Yellow zucchini (gold rush), green zucchini (black jack), tomatoes x 6, pumpkin (butternut & buttercup) and green squash

Bed 4: More yellow zucchini, green zucchini, tomatoes, corn and pumpkin

Bed 5: Broccoli, cauliflower, red cabbage and re-sown carrot seeds as the first lot dried out and failed to germinate. This bed also has some volunteer leeks making an appearance.

To see the growth in the 6 weeks since bed 5 was planted, click here. This year I would like to try some catch crops. There may be times when there are still several weeks before a (harvested) bed is due to have the chooks, and this time could be well spent by growing a fast maturing crop to either feed us, or the chooks or to act as a green manure.


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