Autumn rearranging time in the garden

It was a busy day in the garden today with lots of rearranging going on. For the last 2 years I have had 3 citrus trees in pots (lemon, orange and kaffir lime), which haven't been going so well lately. They lost a lot of leaves over summer and were quite rootbound. Time to let their roots be released into the earth. There is something about autumn that always inspires me to rip out old plants and shift things around. Today it was this little spot, with a box hedge that served absolutely no purpose at all. A remnant of the previous owner. Yes, today this lone, little box hedge ceased to exist.

In went my very sad looking lemon tree (Lisbon, very thorny, ouch!). Hopefully it will be happy in it's new home. I noticed it has some small lemon buds forming, fingers crossed these will grow well and provide us with some homegrown lemons.

Next to the lemon tree, I snuck in a giant tree tomato to make the most of the northerly aspect .....and the downpipe, which can serve as a support seeing as it could possibly reach 3 meters (highly unlikely, but I'll give it a shot!). The orange tree found it's new home further along, still in the same area. They both had a good dose of mushroom compost, blood and bone and goat-infused straw. The chopped up box hedge was layed to rest in the chook dome, where it will be turned over and composted by my trio of little (yet aging) workers.

I also put in a row of (4) blueberry plants along the edge of our driveway as well as some more tomatoes in several different locations.

They are all getting a wonderful soaking now, as I listen to the rain fall on our (colorbond) roof.


  1. the citrus trees will now grow really well, they go alright in pots but flourish in the ground.
    They will be loving the rain :0)
    We are supposed to get rain for the next few days..fingers crossed.

  2. That's good to hear, I've always wanted a (fruiting!) lemon tree. Toes crossed as well that the rain reaches up your way.


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