Tomato Kasundi Monday

I've been wanting to make a batch of tomato kasundi, a spicy Indian tomato relish, for a while now, and finally bit the bullet yesterday and bought 4kgs of big, fat roma tomatoes from the local market. They are organic and were grown up in the Goulbourn Valley. I guess I just got too impatient to wait until I have enough tomatoes of my own to make some ....AND my tomatoes won't be as big and juicy as these beauties.

After doing a bit of searching on the internet, looking at different recipes, I decided to go with this one. It had all the right ingredients in it to satisfy my eager tastebuds. I doubled the recipe to use up 2 kgs of my tomato purchase, and the ingredients I used are as follows:

-2 tablespoons black mustard seeds

-250ml (1 cup) malt vinegar

-110g piece of ginger, peeled & chopped

-a handfull of my very small homegrown garlic

-5 red chillies (This is half of the quantity called for - I am quite precious when it comes to anything tooo spicy. I have NO idea what type they are - I really should've checked, don't you think?)

-250ml (I cup) vegetable oil

-2 tablespoons ground tumeric

-6 tablespoons ground cumin

-250g brown sugar (used instead of palm sugar)

-2 tablespoons sea salt

-2kg tomatoes

The recipe suggests soaking the seeds in the vinegar overnight, but of course I was in too much of a hurry to do this. I hope it doesn't make much of a difference to the end result.

So to start with, the tomatoes need to be peeled. Remove the core and cut a cross mark in the bottom end with a sharp knife and then plunge them into boiling water for thirty seconds to one minute. Remove them and place them in a sink full of cold water to stop the cooking process. All the other ingredients (excluding the tomatoes) are then put into a food processor.

Whizz until smooth and all blended together.

The pureed mix goes into a large, heavy bottomed pot and is brought gently to a simmer and then put on the lowest heat. Cook for about 40 minutes stirring every now and then. While the mixture is bubbling away, start peeling the tomatoes.

Cut them in half, squeeze out the seeds and chop them into rough chunks.

After about 30-40 minutes the mixture on the stove should be darkened and a thickish consistancy.

Add the tomatoes to the mixure on the stove and stir well. Bring back to a simmer, and then reduce it to the lowest heat setting and cook for 3 hours (!), stirring occasionally.

After about 2 hours, I really needed to go and do other things, so I put the whole lot into the slow cooker on 'low' and left it be....

Another hour and a half later, it has made the most deliciously thick, chunky chutney and my whole home smells like a curry house! The chillis have made it quite spicy but not mouth burning hot... I think I may cut back a little on the chilli seeds next time.

The doubled recipe using 2kg of fruit made 5 jars. I can't wait to try it on my dinner!


  1. May give this a whirl, it looks yummy. Thanks for posting the recipe

  2. You're welcome! Good luck, it really is very tasty!:-)

  3. Hi Christine...I'm really enjoying browsing through yr blog for the first time today...well done!

    Have you tasted the Kasundi yet? I'm a chilli head from way back and it looks wonderful.

    coffeee @DTE

  4. Thanks Sue! Yes, the kasundi tastes great!! We(make that I)have gone through 2 jars already and just opened the third.


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