Seeds, seeds, seeds!

We have several plants in the garden that have gone to seed or are about to. This year, I want to try and grow more plants from my own seed, just for fun and to compare with the bought seed. The tomato seeds that I soaked last week have all been drying on paper towels for the last few days, and are now ready to be stored.

First up today was some lettuce seed, a heirloom variety called 'Forellenschuss', which I loved. I think it's name translates to "speckled trout", it is a cos lettuce, with green leaves and maroon speckles. Yum, yum. I will be very pleased if this decides to grow again.

Lettuce - Forellenschuss

Large sunflower, grown from the poultry feed that goes into the chook tractor

Carrot seed head (from a multicoloured heirloom mix, I think this seed head came from a white carrot)

There was so much seed from this one head, it barely fit into the little envelope I had made!

Rainbow silverbeet (chard)

Rocket (one of my favourite salad greens!)

It was a relaxing way to spend half an hour, sitting in the shade on a hot day, sorting seeds.

The morning's work, including the dried tomato seeds.


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