Pondering and potting

There is a hint of Autumn in the air. A very slight, tiny hint. I love Autumn and everything it brings; cooler weather, reduced bushfire risk, the golden light that seems to glow, warm days and crisp, cool nights. It really is my favourite of all the seasons.

I've been pondering over the posts I make here and am wondering should I be talking about more important issues? Am I just spouting fluff? Perhaps I should be trying to change the world one day at a time, through my rambling thoughts. There are big issues out there, HUGE! I could talk for an eternity about them, if I wished. But that's it. IF. I. WISHED. It hit me. I don't wish. I like coming here and gathering my thoughts about my day or what I'm planning to do in the garden, what I'm cooking or things I'm growing. It is my place. Only me. It is my outlet to keep me sane. Virtually kid free zone. So, I am going to please myself and continue my ramblings about day to day life. If anything big happens I'll let you know. If I decide to change the world, I'll also let you know. Until then, let me ramble a little about what I got up to today.

To start off with, those winter tomatoes are bursting out of their little cells. It was time to re-pot them.

12 x 6 inch pots, filled with potting mix, homemade compost and blood and bone. I hope the nasty whitefly population in the greehouse don't find them! They had a good watering in and then it was back onto the rusty, old ironing board frame that is the potting bench.

Next up was cutting all the yellow leaves and whitefly ridden spots off the tomatoes. The pumpkin vine in the greenhouse also had a good haircut too, with all the brown or wilted leaves getting snipped off. I still need to make some soap spray to spray the whiteflied foliage.

And lastly, the seeds. I do love a good seed sowing session. I use re-cycled meat trays from the supermarket and sow them in small rows, labelled with a paddle pop stick. It works for me. So, today, I sowed: brussel sprouts, celery, food swap kale, rainbow silverbeet, brown onion, red onion, leek, lettuces - cos, all year round, forellenschuss and food swap. Outside in pots I sowed coriander (I LOVE coriander!!), and rocket.

The seed sowing stage is my favourite part of gardening, well, except maybe harvesting. I love all the hope and possibility that is wrapped up in those tiny packages of life. And then, I enter, master of their universe, giver of life with my 500ml spray bottle of water/sometimes worm tea. I eagerly await the first green stems poking out of the soil, the first leaves. I choose the strongest seedlings to grow and let the others wither away and eventually get fed to the worms, because I can't bear to pull them out. Growing from seed is so much fun! I am curious how the food swap kale and lettuce will turn out. What kind of lettuce is it? I guess I'll find out soon enough.

I've been having tomato kasundi toasted muffins for lunch these past couple of days, I toast the english muffin, spread LOTS of kasundi on, then add ham and cheese. Under the grill it goes until gooey and bubbly and it's eaten up in 2 minutes flat. Yum! I gave my dad a jar yesterday, I hope he likes it. I think I may make up another batch, with the remaining 2kg's of tomatoes in the fridge, either that, or Jamie Oliver's tomato sauce. Happy Almost Autumn.


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