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Is there a nicer way to spend a morning than with friends, passing the time by cooking delicious preserves, talking and listening to beautiful music? I'm finding it hard to come up with one. With all the blackberries around at the moment, it was a clever decision on Beth's part to have a jam-making session at her place. Kirsty came along as well, and we took along our stockpots, fruit and other bits and pieces. Wearing our aprons, and after a quick peek at Beth's overflowing vegie patch, we set to work, if you could call it that...

Three big stockpots on the go at once. Look at that colour!

We ended up using around 1.5-1.7kg of fruit in each pot, with equal or slightly lesser quantities of sugar. Lemon juice, pectin and citric acid were also on hand for setting any stubborn batches.

The morning's bounty: 22 jars of the tastiest blackberry jam, PLUS Kirsty whipped out a batch of Rhubarb and Apple jam when no one was looking! What a girl.

Anyone for toast?


  1. yum! I want to get some more - think I've gone blackberry mad.

  2. Blackberry fever! Might make blackberry and apple pie with the apples on the side of the road at Newham. Talking of picking fruit from the side of roads there is a peach maybe apricot tree just coming on now in the driveway at Turners in Kyneton. Thinking of a harvest!

    Had so much fun, when's the next workshop, I'm hooked!

  3. I know, Kirsty, isn't it addictive!

    A peach come apricot tree, hmm? You have my attention! A harvest would be a must if you have found such a tree! In case you're interested, the current Gardening Australia magazine has an interesting article on 'foraging'.

  4. i'm with you. nothing better than friends to share food projects with. hmmm, i'm so jealous.

  5. Hi Calamity, I'm sending you a jar of virtual jam, pronto :-)


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