It's Blackberry Season!

It's blackberry season around our parts at the moment and I am talking MASSES of them! Last year we had none, as in zero, due to the drought, but this year with a little bit of rain, things are a very different story. Every few days while driving around our area I see cars parked and people along the roadsides decked out in long shirts, pants, boots and big sunhats with buckets and bags braving the thorns and taking as many berries as they can find. I had to get in on this action! Two years ago, we had berries and made the most delicous jam and syrup from them. Some areas where we had picked from that year have since been sprayed and the canes are now dead and all dried up, but along our roadside, directly outside our front gate is the most glorious blackberry hedge absolutely laden with the deliciously ripe black fruit. I was even more surprised to find some bushes fruiting on our property, around our dam. It would seem that the noxious weed does have some benefits after all.

Sufficiently inspired, I thought about my plan of attack carefully. Blackberry bushes have nasty thorns that really hurt bare skin and grab at your clothing. So, attired in long jeans, boots, long sleeved top, sunhat, gloves and the new garden apron, I set about finding a vessel to hold the tasty morsels in. I came up with a two litre ice cream container and punched a hole in two sides to thread some string through. I was then able to hang the container around my neck, leaving both hands free to pick the berries. Off I set, looking quite a sight I'm sure.

Half an hour later the bucket was full, and I ducked back inside the house to weigh the bounty and put them in the freezer. Did you know that a two litre ice cream container full to the brim holds pretty much exactly one kilogram of berries? Onto trays they went and into our big chest freezer to snap freeze before being bagged up into ziplock bags and dated. Another half an hour, another kilo. Added up with my quick walk around the dam the other night, we have 2.5kgs of berries in the freezer.

I am hoping to do one or two more stints in the next week or so, to add to our collection. I am tempted to make some jam and keep the rest for winter desserts.


    You got a TON of blackberries!!!
    LoVe GeOrGiA

  2. Oh Christine ... Yummmmm .... I remember doing this when we were kids! I love them. None of that around here though ; )

  3. Yum I have been trying to get my thornless blackberry to take off and this year it seems to have some new growth but still looking rather sad. The passionfruit was the same size when I planted them at time, but had exploded and is surely 5x the size of my sad little blackberry!


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