Fence me a goat or two...

It was a wise person that said, when planning to have animals they should be the last thing to arrive. That is, after the housing, the food, the bits and pieces one needs to care for such a creature and of course...fencing!

Our two young goats have been with us since late last year and we are only just organising the fencing now. Up until recently, it wasn't such an issue, they were happy to be around the house, liking our company and I even made a make-shift night time pen for them inside our chook pen. It was nice and cosy for them to sleep in and most importantly safe from foxes while they were still so little. But now they are not so little. They are growing up. They need more space. They have already escaped from the chook pen once, by rubbing against the thin chicken wire until it snapped! What a convenient hole to exit from! Such fun, finding the fruit trees, oh, the smorgasboard of plant matter to choose from.
With a husband who works 6 days a week and life having a habit of getting in the way on his one day off, this is the first chance we have had to get to work on containing our goaty girls in a paddock all of their own.

The fence doesn't have to be permanant, it just has to hold them in. We hope it does. It wouldn't surprise me if it doesn't. Who knows until they test it to their goaty heart's content.

The husband said the star-picket stakes had to be vertical to the ground. I said they had to be perpendicular to the ground. The husband triumphed.

The day was hot. It was windy too. I was sleepy and desperate to go inside and sit in the cool house. We worked on and attached the uncooperative mesh to the stakes. I have no idea how "fencing people" get fences so tight. So long as it contains them, we will be happy. I think we have one more day of work and the fence will be done.

...and then the best way to relax after such a day, watering the newly sown carrot seeds, thanks to the great girls from vegie group on Friday. Fingers crossed for a good crop.


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